The Truth about Email Marketing (That some are Afraid to Reveal)

We all know that Email marketing is considered to be dead by some marketing experts. Due to the fact that only few will open their Email and only a handful will reply to it. But what some marketing experts fail to mention is that Email marketing is Back and will take over the Marketing Industry by storm.

A little known fact about Email marketing is that it’s just like Telemarketing, a cold and none interactive communication between the sender and the receiver. And yet, why does Email gives better results than Telemarketing when it comes to generating leads?

“Well, obviously because Telemarketing is only used when there’s Leads while Email Marketing is used almost every single day just by getting leads.”

The Ugly Truth behind Sending Out Emails

The Truth about Sending out Email is that, it slowly being replaced by something small. And that’s Phone Marketing. Yes, you heard me, a new marketing will be revealed and it’s phone marketing. Where you can still promote your business just by sending out tons of text messaging in your contacts.

The Ugly Truth about Email VS Text Messaging is that: IT STILL EMAIL MARKETING!

I bet you’re wondering how it can be still email marketing when they’re using their phone. Well, have you’ve seen your phone lately? If you think about it, you are given a chance to sync all your contacts in your Gmail accounts to your phone. And that means that you can easily send out emails just by using your phone.

Why it’s better to use Emails rather than Cold-Calling

We have three marketing strategy that marketers are currently using, Email Marketing, Telemarketing and Social Media Marketing. Although these three are effective and much reliable in getting prospects’ attention, it doesn’t mean that it’s a sure close sale for marketers.

Picking which strategy to use may be difficult if you don’t know the cons and pros of each strategy. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop marketers around the world to try out new things before concluding what marketing strategy they will use as a medium for their business.

As a marketer, I’ve tried these three strategies. And I could tell you one thing, Email marketing is the most effective in getting prospect’s attention. But of course, we all have seperate point of view in this.

Email marketing has been the strongest in getting leads and is probably the easiest one. Of course, there are some mistakes we tend to commit when sending out emails, but a follow-up apology can still make things going. You may or may not persuade prospects in emails, the fact that is just like cold-calling but better. Here are some few advantages and challenges of email marketing.

Advantage of Email Marketing


Email marketing campaigns can be developed and dispatched within a matter of minutes – not hours or days as is the case with printed mail-shots. This means you can quickly get an offer on the table or respond to a competitor’s marketing tactic.


Because your audience can opt in/opt out of receiving email marketing, you are better informed about who is genuinely interested in your products/services. This helps you create more targeted campaigns and build a dialogue around the topics they’re interested in.

Challenge of Email Marketing


Prospects don’t always look at their email, if they did. it’s one or two days after you’ve send it.


Keep your reader’s attention by developing straightforward content. Don’t over-think it and don’t cover too many subjects all at once.


Whatever business you’re in, you need to give time to planning, executing and managing your email marketing campaign. So run a trial campaign first and modify your approach based on the feedback you receive.

Email Marketing: How bad could I be?

If you’re thinking that sending out emails to everyone you just know through LinkedIn, Facebook or twitter is wrong, then think again because you aren’t the only one doing this kind of thing. Email Marketing has been around, by that you should stop thinking if it’s wrong to send emails because sadly, everyone has been doing this since you’ve thought about using email for send outs.

Email marketers aren’t afraid of sending out emails to different type of people, the only thing they think of is “I’ve sent them what I want them to know, So it’s fine if they don’t reply” But of course, Email marketers will be happy to receive any reply from prospects they sent an email to.

So How bad could you be?

When it comes to sending out emails, you aren’t that bad. You’ll be labelled as annoying, that’s the best they can say to you. But let me change the question “How can I know if I’m being too annoying and will it label me as ‘bad email marketer’?”

Well, to start it off. You will be labelled as a bad email marketer if you did the following:

  • Sending irrelevant emails to the wrong prospects
  • Sending out two or more emails to the same prospect every day
  • Sending out the wrong email to prospects
  • Sending out emails when it’s clock off

Knowing if you’re becoming annoying

Defining the term will help you know what you did to be labeled as annoying. But of course, some might not know what they did to be labeled as such. So here are the things that  labeled you as such:

  • Sending out two or more emails to the same prospects every two days
  • Sending out emails to prospects that aren’t interested daily

Well, this is the few things I could only share to you because I know some of you might want to comment on what’s about email marketer that annoys you and what email marketers want to avoid after reading this.

Effective marketing strategies for Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a while now, and it seems that it’s one of the most effective marketing strategy, businesses are currently using. Aside from being able to send out what you want your prospects to know about your business. It also helps you to familiarize how useful email marketing is.

Email marketing campaign has different kind of strategy that companies are currently using. Some are effective and some not so. But this doesn’t mean this is the only strategies out there. So what are these strategies that are effective and guarantee a positive reply?

1. Personalized Email

Personalizing your email content can help you get leads or get prospects’ attention. With each email send-out that is unique to one another, prospects won’t doubt your company email send out if it doesn’t go directly into the spam category in your email.

That being said, it’s more likely to be relied on rather been ignored. With this, you can get replies that might take an interest in you or a possible lead referral that might help your company.

2. Short or Long Subject Line
Whether it’s short or long, one thing is for sure, avoid a subject line of 60-70 character. This is the DEAD ZONE of subject length.

But deciding on the length of your subject line, the usual 70 and up can be most beneficial to engage readers through its content. While subject line of 49 characters and under test well in open rate

3. Best choice to send Email
If you’re thinking to send out emails at nine in the morning to five in the late afternoon, then you’re going to have a bad time. The best time for sending out emails is around eight in the evening until midnight.

This is where Business owners or Decision Makers can read all those emails left unread or received throughout the day.

4. Weekend Send out
Sending emails out on a Saturday morning up until Sunday at night are still one of the best choices in sending out emails. Although it still applicable to knowing your prospects as well. Whether they’re opening at night or early in the morning.

5. Move aside Facebook and Twitter
Content King still reigns, it’s ability to convert new customers rather than Facebook and Twitter. Nearly half of all customers come from e-mail send out while Facebook and Twitter share the rest. Not every business owners rely on Facebook and Twitter. Some don’t even use Social Media. Maybe for the sake of family tradition.

Little Known Ways to Leverage Email Marketing

Just as old the telemarketing ways, the email marketing can often be an indication that your marketing tactic is old. But that does not mean it’s already obsolete. It is just old. But that is alright. We all know that email marketing has always been in the umbrella of digital marketing since it’s started in 1990s. Email marketing may be old but trending ways to improve and leverage the way we email has just begun. Looking at the bigger picture, email marketing is like cold-calling yet simple enough to make it engaging.

On how do we start the email before can be used only as an internal emailing or within the company email. But emailing prospect will be a lot different. So here are some little known ways to leverage your email marketing.



Axing the headline will leverage because it will make the content scream for its name. Opening is good too when it comes to relevancy of the content. The headline can also be optimized in SEO which means that failure in making your HEADLINE is failure as well in email.


  • Give information or brochure type content

Promotions are in if it offers a discount, but you don’t want to offer a discount in B2B marketing. Though you can always make it engaging by informing your audience through brochure, infographic type content. It will also make it sound like it’s obvious you are marketing.


  • Make it factual

Facts are important, but don’t forget about the purpose of email marketing.


  • Sound Like an Expert

Sound like David Conner of Marketing Inc. or refer to credible marketing propaganda.


  • Highlight the Gap

Highlight the need of your prospect in B2B marketing like they badly need a customer for their business or they need a business partners to increase revenue.


  • Establish Credentials

Whatever you say, be sure it’s not a scam. Establish a good credits towards your prospects.


  • Tag your Brand

Last but not the least is to tag your company name but don’t make it sound your company is the main topic. No. make it sound your company is what you write about.

Email marketing is still in only if someone knows how to manage it well.

Email marketing Programming and its Benefits

Email marketing is not new in B2B marketing. Email marketing might be a thing in the past but business these days are not using this simple yet effective strategy in prospecting. Email marketing that we know is just a regular text with recipient and sender and that is all. Without thinking through the possibility of email. We may not be using it properly and effectively. Remember that email is also dynamic and it takes a lot of forms.

Knowing that, we would be easily doing what it takes for our email campaign towards our lead and prospects.

One thing to consider is on how to program your own email. Programing email may seem it’s going to be modified through various ways yet this is just a step forward. Email may come in three different forms, and that follows as:

  1. Interactive and responsive
  2. Entertaining
  3. User-friendly layouts

Interactive and responsive email may come in example as newsletter. It will look like a small website that is linked to your site and it contains similar image as to your site. It has all the CTA and contact information so for the convenience of your recipient. It will brand your company name yet it will look into the need of your audience.

Not all of your audience or recipient will be interested immediately in your email, yet you must still capture their attention in order for them to forward it to someone else. Put some demo videos and gif if you can and program it in the way that audience would see it as an advertisement type. Americans appeal to advertising is much higher than those in marketing type approach.

Lastly is make it mobile friendly, browser enabled and cookies enabled. This is to capture all three variance of your prospects information. You will know if they are into mobile or desktop browser and get their email address in just one click. Isn’t that easy?

Email marketing is not yet dead. It is just changing. B2B marketers and lead generation service must know this.

Common Errors in Connecting Email Contacts

Connecting as described by Daniel Fagella, is the second phase of emailing quadrant in email marketing. During this phase, optimization process happens. We are building the best initial relationship with the prospect as possible through automated follow-up sequences and communications based on their prospect type and behavior during this time.

Understanding the appeal of motives of prospects is done before converting them into an initial buyer to an up-sell or retention strategy. During this phase, we understand the unique characteristics   to employ the next best move for this type of customer. Some errors can be observed in this phase as follows:

  • Bland, generic follow-up sequences that aren’t calibrated by the business’s demands or by the behavior of the client This type of follows up emails is created by one person coming from intermediate source. The content of this email is often generic and not specifically generated for that type of prospect. The relevancy of this email is low thus, can decrease the chance of conversion.
  • Neglecting to setting up designated follow-up sequences for new buyers, or for win-back of past customersAs mentioned above that relevancy is indeed relative to the rate of conversion. Most marketers end up sending inappropriate email containing old promo for new type customers. Also there is no email that will contain retention tactic for win-back customers.
  • Short, untested email sequences that are set once and never tested to improve their efficacy in delivering meaningful results like sales, appointments, or any kind of engagement The most common experience of a marketer is when they thought that email format ends up with the same result. But not testing the sequence of different email format was not used to measure up different results. Some formats are reliable base on the prospect’s behavior but not always end up the same thing.

More over, having these corrected will make the email experience from prospects quite a lot easier that what it has been before.

Amplifying Data and Expansion of Email Interaction Tip #3

The last step I can give out in terms of expediting your email marketing. Now that you have set the volume of relevancy of your email according to your consumer, you can now formulate the type of email. Take consideration in putting some money on your dedicated IP address. This would actually increase validity for your email.

Marketing emails

Marketing emails have high chances of being tagged as spam and will be automatically goes into the junk mail. This will lead your email being unread or worst ‘unopened’. In today emailing system, the obvious form of spam can be automatically detected by superior emailing address. In this area of innovation, one must not consider to exert effort on blasting marketing email. In the end, it does not give so much ROI.

Transactional emails

While the word said it’s so, transactional email is the opposite of marketing email. Transactional email has higher chance of readability and open rates.  Since transactional emails are actually based on the data prior to the behavior of your consumer. Its relevancy is high and once relevancy is high, open rates are high too. The best way to practice this is to send your email on a separate IP address for better monitoring, tracking delivery rates (failures) and troubleshooting without sacrificing your main email address.

Email Type

Further into details, in which your email type should be considered. One instance is how you follow-up a service retention email. Provided that you already know the outcome, you may send a special offer so to speak with.  Not only that, you also have to isolate customer service support mail.

The main goal for these blog is for you to deliver the best experience as possible for your consumer. It means directing your attention on consumer and much possible, making your emails to communicate directly to your consumers.

Amplifying Data and Expansion of Email Interaction Tip #1

Internet of Things affects our aspect of life in many ways today one of them is email which contributes the best road to interact consumers with the business.  Together with the understanding of how we can communicate well to our consumers to disperse the product and services is crucial in the profit of our business.

There are a lot samples in sending your email. Whether if it is a newsletter, promotion, special offer, follow-up, confirmation and others sprinkling your email across too many consumers is really inappropriateand just a ways of energy. In the same sense, you must not see your consumer in a single face.

ROI can be achieved if you can segregate the email you are about to send so that it will be relatable and significant towards your consumer. The secret is to see what is in your available data and use them to identify your consumer so that you can write an appropriate email and persuade them to take actions against your message.

Below is the first tip out of three to be listed on how you can start amplifying your data and expand your email interaction.

Diagnosing your Customer through Activity

Determine what type of costumer available in your database to form a design to spot them as a target.

  • Recurrent client– in your database, identify customer that has recurring activity such purchase, access of account or data usage in a given time. This type of customer have constant channel within your business, treating them with high priority must be done to ensure they will keep on involving and share information about your business. Try sending some special offers and discount as a perk. Sending email to them frequently with about 4 times a week can boost their motivation to stay as your customer.
  • Novice client– the newbie or so what they call. These types of customers are more likely to withdraw if wrong action was done. Chances of withdrawal are very high due to customers may find your emails annoying and inappropriate for them. Sending the right email such suggestion or tips about your product are the best. Don’t try to persuade them immediately by buying special offers but make them stay and eventually turn them into a recurring customer then.
  • Free Trial user- these are not official clients unless being converted to a paying costumer. These types of users are into free subscription (if product is software) and you must remember that investing some money on them is not profitable. Center the idea on how you can get them started paying your product.
  • Dormant user–  these are what we call dead yet still can be retained customer. It also includes that trial user that didn’t pursue in going with your business. Ignoring them may have been on your list but try to realize that they were into your business once. Try to send some surveys for you to know how you can improve your service or product as well.

Don’t Let Them Go

When the word “Spam” is on the screen, it is dreadful to see on the inbox. However there is another “click through” link that customers never bother to click for it is the unsubscribed link. While there is email marketers that would agree that minimizing unsubscribes are in their greatest importance, it is most likely the final measurements that ought to be checked. There are so many different measurements to follow-up on: deliverability, opens and conversions. However, there is the cumulative effect of even minor reduction in the unsubscribe rate that can have a noteworthy impression on the database files and revenues over time. Looking deeper into information and data other than superficial facts can help examine the root causes of subscriber desertion and all the valuable insights of the email program altogether.

Way Ahead of the Fundamentals

A good judgment dictates that in order to uphold a fit subscriber list, the emails then need to have an additional worth. They must pass criteria of several tests: Read more