Little Known Ways to Leverage Email Marketing

Just as old the telemarketing ways, the email marketing can often be an indication that your marketing tactic is old. But that does not mean it’s already obsolete. It is just old. But that is alright. We all know that email marketing has always been in the umbrella of digital marketing since it’s started in 1990s. Email marketing may be old but trending ways to improve and leverage the way we email has just begun. Looking at the bigger picture, email marketing is like cold-calling yet simple enough to make it engaging.

On how do we start the email before can be used only as an internal emailing or within the company email. But emailing prospect will be a lot different. So here are some little known ways to leverage your email marketing.



Axing the headline will leverage because it will make the content scream for its name. Opening is good too when it comes to relevancy of the content. The headline can also be optimized in SEO which means that failure in making your HEADLINE is failure as well in email.


  • Give information or brochure type content

Promotions are in if it offers a discount, but you don’t want to offer a discount in B2B marketing. Though you can always make it engaging by informing your audience through brochure, infographic type content. It will also make it sound like it’s obvious you are marketing.


  • Make it factual

Facts are important, but don’t forget about the purpose of email marketing.


  • Sound Like an Expert

Sound like David Conner of Marketing Inc. or refer to credible marketing propaganda.


  • Highlight the Gap

Highlight the need of your prospect in B2B marketing like they badly need a customer for their business or they need a business partners to increase revenue.


  • Establish Credentials

Whatever you say, be sure it’s not a scam. Establish a good credits towards your prospects.


  • Tag your Brand

Last but not the least is to tag your company name but don’t make it sound your company is the main topic. No. make it sound your company is what you write about.

Email marketing is still in only if someone knows how to manage it well.

Amplifying Data and Expansion of Email Interaction Tip #1

Internet of Things affects our aspect of life in many ways today one of them is email which contributes the best road to interact consumers with the business.  Together with the understanding of how we can communicate well to our consumers to disperse the product and services is crucial in the profit of our business.

There are a lot samples in sending your email. Whether if it is a newsletter, promotion, special offer, follow-up, confirmation and others sprinkling your email across too many consumers is really inappropriateand just a ways of energy. In the same sense, you must not see your consumer in a single face.

ROI can be achieved if you can segregate the email you are about to send so that it will be relatable and significant towards your consumer. The secret is to see what is in your available data and use them to identify your consumer so that you can write an appropriate email and persuade them to take actions against your message.

Below is the first tip out of three to be listed on how you can start amplifying your data and expand your email interaction.

Diagnosing your Customer through Activity

Determine what type of costumer available in your database to form a design to spot them as a target.

  • Recurrent client– in your database, identify customer that has recurring activity such purchase, access of account or data usage in a given time. This type of customer have constant channel within your business, treating them with high priority must be done to ensure they will keep on involving and share information about your business. Try sending some special offers and discount as a perk. Sending email to them frequently with about 4 times a week can boost their motivation to stay as your customer.
  • Novice client– the newbie or so what they call. These types of customers are more likely to withdraw if wrong action was done. Chances of withdrawal are very high due to customers may find your emails annoying and inappropriate for them. Sending the right email such suggestion or tips about your product are the best. Don’t try to persuade them immediately by buying special offers but make them stay and eventually turn them into a recurring customer then.
  • Free Trial user- these are not official clients unless being converted to a paying costumer. These types of users are into free subscription (if product is software) and you must remember that investing some money on them is not profitable. Center the idea on how you can get them started paying your product.
  • Dormant user–  these are what we call dead yet still can be retained customer. It also includes that trial user that didn’t pursue in going with your business. Ignoring them may have been on your list but try to realize that they were into your business once. Try to send some surveys for you to know how you can improve your service or product as well.

6 Smarter Ways in Choosing an Email List Provider

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We’ve already covered how to choose list vendors based on their merits in earlier blog entries. Today, we’ll take a look at some very important contact data quality trends that you should know when searching for providers and products in today’s email list marketplace. After all, no email marketing campaign is operating in a vacuum; what’s happening in the real world does affect your decisions.

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No matter what kind of email campaign you’re running, it all starts with the list. Undervaluing this vital component leaves your campaign severely compromised from the start. As if to make life even harder, lists aren’t simple things to manage. There are a lot of issues that you have to address when working with lists regardless of whether grown in-house or acquired through an email list provider.

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Email deliverability is influenced by a lot of factors, but the most significant for marketers working with a B2B contacts list is sender reputation. In fact, data from Return Path reveal that as much as 83% of deliverability issues with B2B emails are attributable to sender reputation. If you’re encountering problems with inbox placements, then this factor is probably responsible. That’s why this post looks at the following tips to help you improve sender reputation:

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