Six Best-Kept Secrets in Nurturing B2B Leads for IT Sales & Marketing in Singapore

So you got yourself some fresh leads from your marketing efforts and your favorite B2B Database Vendor. Now, what do you do with those? That’s right: lead nurturing, and this post tells you six of its least-known secrets and how each applies to you, the IT marketer.

Although you may be quite familiar with this concept, it still bears repeating just to make sure we’re on the same page here. Lead nurturing is the process of keeping in touch with those in your leads database. It helps you discover and build relationships with your prospects by engaging with them in ways appropriate to how far in the conversion cycle they are.

Lead nurturing improves the efficiency of marketing / sales processes. Research claims that businesses that do well in lead nurturing grew the number of their sales-ready prospects by one-half while reducing related costs by one-third. Another study finds that organizations practicing proper lead nurturing saw 9% more sales reps reaching their quotas and shortening the wrap-up time by 10%.

Here are six powerful tips to help you apply lead nurturing effectively in your B2B marketing campaign:

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Data Cleansing: 4 ways to generally clean your list

You can’t avoid messing up your own Data, let alone fixing other data. Inaccurate or outdated information data can hurt your company, so it’s important for you to clean, fix and remove duplicate data. Of course, having said this, you need tools to help you clean unwanted Data from time to time.

Ensuring that your data is clean and in good working order you need to apply methods that is effective in cleaning up your data. I’ll reveal to you some of the ways I’ve learned throughout my Data Cleansing experience.

#1 Removing Duplicates Rows

Some clients will require you to clean duplicates, having said this, you need to analyze every single one of those lists to ensure that you can spot duplicates. So how can we know if it’s a duplicate? Well, it’s pretty easy considering that the name of the person, job title, number and company are the same. There are instances that the company is double but the name of that person is different, this can be considered as duplicate if the client only asks for one member of each company.

#2 Spell Check

Misspelled words can cause you a lot of misunderstanding in your data, if you want to avoid those misspelled word from happening, use a spell checker.

#3 Misusage of Formats

Maintaining a clean database means  that you need to make sure that everything must be in its proper format. If those formats are incorrect then your entire database will be in ruins. Of course, in excel it’s easy for us to properly format the list.

#4 Removing unnecessary data

To keep your list on the right track, you need to remove incorrect data and replace or search for the correct data to be inputted.


There are many ways to clean your data, you can read it or you can learn from it by practicing it every time, you are asked to do it. But only remember that you need to input the right Data in order for your data list to be accurate.

Three Types of Profiling in Marketing

Profiling programs are designed to guide the marketing automation platform in determining what category would your website visitor are into so to identify the marketing needs of those individual in the marketing process. Profiling software consists of scoring those individual in terms of content visit, email interaction and click rate ration. This helps business in segmenting what kind of strategy they will going to use in guiding their prospect in the sales process. Not only that it can also identify the demographic and firm graphic characteristics of the proxy of these individuals.

To understand this more, there are three major type of profiling programs that is available for you to harness and implement to save time and energy in the marketing process.

  1. Buying Stage Scoring
  2. Buyer Persona Profiling
  3. Pain Point/ Product Interest Profiling

Buyer Stage Scoring is capturing the proxy of the prospect’s point of view in the sales process. This is characterize by his/her website visitation, email interaction and content click rate. If you notice this would be high, a research or a call to action like feeding more the prospect with information would help them in the marketing and profiling process.

Buyer Persona Profiling is the next level after stage profiling. This is when visitors are more into technical aspects, strategic opinion and suggestion from your website. They are more likely to raise a question and interest in your service. They are most probably decision makers and make sure to get the demographic and firmographic proxy and measure them as well.

Lastly is the Pain Point/ Product Interest Profiling measures the prospects’ need and empathize with them. For most marketers, this is a desperate move when it comes to profiling and how it is done is less likely to give good results. But this is vital because it gives a full attempt for the prospect to be recognized his/her needs.

Do CTR truly helps Lead Generation?

Lead generation and lead nurturing are the pillars of B2B marketing. Not only has it found new possible clients but as well as keeping them on sight to ensure close parameter with them. This process requires online researching and grabbing of new visitors online. It has been a culture in the online world that to measure the number of visitors in a site, the click-through-rate or CTR has been the instrument of this? Columnist Roger Williams has sought to find this as an old culture and should not be the whole basis of visitor factor and he believed that this type of measurement hinder an industry from growing. But how? Let us take a look on why is to CTR should not be the conclusion of lead generation.

  • CTR can be easily manipulated – CTR can be achieved through various ways. It is only a matter of breaking through the pop-up blocker or ad-blocker on the user’s browser. This can be attained through outsourced data and most probably the content of the site is irrelevant to the user. Also for click baiting, one can manage to insert dual hyperlink per page so that once a user click on it, multiple pop up will be shown. And that is counted in the CTR. So, what is the whole point of this? They are just clicking, not necessarily visiting your website. This seems insignificant in looking for leads not just people.
  • Clicks don’t affect engagement –as said earlier, CTR only measures the click per minute. It does not bother whether if it is a bot or not. Well, some site can block those bot but breach will eventually will come. Sometimes clicks are just clicks, just like a cigarette’s smoke is just a smoke. Many website manager, are very happy to find their CPM rising by the minute but do not take a look into how the engagement of every click satisfy their audience.
  • Clicks on Mobile has sometimes negative impacts –believe it or not, mobile users hate auto-pop. Once open, they will hate the website that use it. Fetching and grabbing the opportunity to make user forcibly or click in unaware is the strategy itself in this CTR system which won’t take the user anywhere in getting interested about your service.

Lead generation nowadays comes in different form. It may be in content or website solution but trust it or not. CTR will remain a mystery of why marketers use this a measurement for goals.

Building Momentum in Webinar

In B2B marketing, after you made your webinar and select the appropriated platform for it. You already had it in mind what’s going to happen within a week time for your webinar.

ur own webinar. Well this is of course not easy for starters but we can improve this one by citing some hints about how to gain attention and what to do when your webinar is not working.

Start in advance. Starting should be at least several in advance so that you can have plenty of time to get the most out of both free and paid marketing channels. This is the time when you can see how would your webinar is going in or off the charts. As I have said, this period has already been done by you.

    Registration is slow. After a week or so, this period is when the lead time is all about. Registration on your webinar depends on how your previous audience promotes it. This is the best time to decide to go for another webinar or stop the current registration. If registration is running very slow, doubling your marketing efforts or again, consider postponing the webinar.

    Registration is high. Rapid and enthusiastic registration for your webinar is the best thing you can get. This means that your audience is highly promoting the kind of information you are sharing across the web. But let us not be confident about this, remember to assess al registration with a follow-up operation or follow-up again another exclusive webinar for them. This is to gain responsive personas in your data, so again maintaining the momentum of your lead time.

    At the end of this business to web community relationship, you have to keep in mind that building momentum of your webinar does not necessarily lead to long-term gain however successful webinar marketing will lead to a steady schedule or webinars led by various members of your team.

Raising A Child be like Lead Nurturing

Ask your parent if raising you was like heaven, or more probably be like hell. Just like any parents already know how to rise a child it always turns out they still has a lot to learn from new siblings. Children behave differently thus parent in other word must apply their, awesome parenting skills a lot differently. Same way as to lead nurturing, b2b marketing firm must know how their lead behave and apply their effective “parenting” or “nurturing” skills on their leads. Leads more likely behave like a child that needs special attention. So we have come up with some lead nurturing strategies that may be usable and will serve as your reference in the future.

First thing here is to keep your leads reminded. A child may not need you for quite some time but you have to be there when they need you. Your leads need up to date information from you. That will work with your tool and educational tips. With this, you can keep an eye of your lead, just like a babysitting a child.

Secondly you must set authority. Set the parental boundary between you and your child. But that does not mean you are a robot, give some feelings and empathy in any situation and occasion. In lead nurturing, your leads may ask of too much from you. You just have to ask them nicely though.

Third is you must maintain a close relationship with them. Between you and your child, your relationship must never go waste and must be maintained well. Keep a consistent not copied and personalized emails and voice prompt. Thus, keep them at bay for source of info and tools.

Fourth is to highlight you from everybody else. Personalized make it comfortable enough for your child or lead to feel you as well. These days when all seems never-changing, try something new instead.

Above it all is never ever get discouraged by a turned down lead no matter how much time you exerted in keeping them. Learn the art of letting go. But keep your lead warm and tender or else they may look for another competitor. Trust me, your child may go for another parent better than you. Sure, lead nurturing has come a long way down the road.

Comprehensive Categorization of Content Marketing

Many writers and editors dilemma are into producing new and authentic topic by not compromising the quality of work, especially in b2b content marketing. This happens when these people ran out of new ideas of what to present in a weekly basis or daily basis even. The problem is not the lacking of idea but how these ideas can be used to create new, or in other critics, can be a new category with the used of categorization.

We totally understand of how to promote new and authentic topic, the problem is that, many of us are too afraid to show new ideas which might not be suited for our audience. In a broader sense, categorization theory will help us create and organize new ideas that may help us along the way.

Here are many categorization theories and techniques. In a broader historical view, however, three general approaches to categorization may be identified:

Classical categorization –this theory are introduced by Greek philosopher Plato. Application of this is narrowing one’s point of view about a living thing. It promotes topic such “Is your Lead Generation effective”, “how is your sales doing”, and “Can you promote media marketing”.

Conceptual clustering – this theory are introduced during the 1980s and it brings the notion of deriving from attempts to explain how knowledge is represented. In this approach, classes (clusters or entities) are generated by first formulating their conceptual descriptions and then classifying the entities according to the descriptions. It provides the learner for certain objects are referred to as supervised classification, supervised learning, or concept learning

Prototype theory – mainly founded by Rosch and Lakeoff during 1970s and it explains the idea of necessary and sufficient conditions is almost never met in categories of naturally occurring things. It has also been suggested that categorization based on prototypes is the basis for human development, and that this learning relies on learning about the world via embodiment.

The importance of categorization is for you to cycle the knowledge and use it to utmost advantage for effective content marketing.

Content Marketing in Targeting Prospects

For B2B marketing and lead generation process, prospect targeting with the use of content marketing is highly considered. Regardless the fact that competitors are out there eating out the data traffic, the good and efficient use of content marketing towards targeted prospect is a great strategy. In prospect targeting, considering the fact that your website is being visited by random yet can be categorized persona, you can divide your viewers to produce more relevant content whether if it is video blog, web content or music videos.

So before diving into making your unique content, make sure you have already qualified the type of audience you expected.

Neutral – this type of audience is new to your website or just a passerby. Since there is little interest for your content, lead generation value is depleted. Marketing method for this type is to find a way to get your audience to care or to become invested without offending them.

Hostile – this is the least audience you want on your list. They don’t care at all what is being said. So you can find a common ground, a starting point where either your audience can relate to you or you can relate to them.

Uninformed – next from the hostile, you may consider this type. They are not aware of what you are going to show, so don’t bog the audience down with too much background information.  Make sure you are still sticking to the main point you want to make in the paper.

Expert – this type is very critical towards your topic. They know and well-informed about the topic so try not to say any loophole and make sure your source are reliable. So do your research.  Don’t think that a brief overview of sources will be enough to convince this audience.

Business – this type is very timely and don’t have the pleasure to read or watch your content. So don’t waste time painting a picture or telling a story.  Get right to the point. Always make sure your audience feels as though you are considering them, not focusing on yourself.

I know you are one of these four audiences right here, so I know you can do better the next time you present your content in your marketing.

Achieving The Goals of Marketing

Consuming bulk email services is an economical, profitable approach that all businesses can implement to join and engage with customers during email-based communication. At the opening stage basics of online marketing is adequate, but as the marketer become more and more cognizant of these plans, there are many superior characteristics that marketers will definitely want subsequently. On the other hand, the marketer may not use them instantaneously since they need to know about these characteristics before they would opt for it.

For services made for email marketing, marketers would target specific public domain or segment that may be interested in their services or products. These online services are utilized to enhance the clientele and grow new business opportunity and for this kind of work, marketers would need to send direct mails to interested email database. Email marketing has a scope to send message to the right person at the exact time. By using the services the business can inspire relationships with their clients on the importance of expectation and trust.

Now that the relationship is established, it is then time to nurture them. A marketer cannot simply obtain a contact and simply leave it there hanging. After conversing with clients, marketers should write down the details of their conversation on their business card so that they can record the information on their database for future use. Once the marketer has started in networking actions, they will start collecting a lot of business cards. The marketer requires making sure that they have right database to which they can store this amount of information. The database of contacts is the place where these important contact details are stored.

It is important that the ease of communication directly top prospects and clients be established without spending too much money, time and other resources. However, marketers would need to expand their business that could mean that they would need to spend more on time and money in order to cover geographical challenges. The database of leads is what marketers should secure as the business and consumer contact material is stored in the data bank.

Propagating Business Sales And Revenues With The Business List Provider

On the Rise

In advertising, companies will need a group of fresh and informed contact information. These contacts function as an audience to which companies present and promote their products and services. Every contact should also be updated in order to elude any error and wasted resources. Companies permanently look for opportunities to find opportunities. With the directories of contacts, they are given the chance to flourish their business. The providers for business lists can give their services in which they are chances for the client company. Suppliers update their lists in order to increase the probability of business success rates through advertising. When companies advertise to the right niche, sales are increased with not much resources wasted; the resources used are then returned in increased amounts if done rightly. Companies can also advertise not only in local areas, but also global buyers as well. This is a great advantage for business. For this to happen, providers have a duty to consist of all the classifieds such as business name, addresses, telephone numbers, location and so forth in order for correctness to attain in global advertising. Read more