[2018] Qualifications of a Singaporean Mailing List Provider

Are you in need of a Singaporean contact database provider?

Before you say YES, you might wanna listen first to what i’m about to say.

Buying mailing lists has been considered one of the options in maintaining a leads database back in the days. Its too time-consuming for companies to mind this function, especially that they should be focusing on their core business.

Also, some of them may not have the researchers and data verifiers who will dig the business data.

And, it is very expensive if they engage in this undertaking, considering payments for labor, utilities and materials.

After all, no company has a monopoly of resources to do all the tasks in business.

And sometimes, there really is a need to ask for assistance from outside parties.

In acquiring a business contact list, it is of great importance to learn the qualifications of a mailing list provider. Because if you end up with an incompetent list provider, you will not be able to correct such mistake again.

You will lose not just your money, but also your precious time and efforts.

Here are the things to consider when choosing a  contact list provider.

  • It must have a database and technology center.

  • Updates must be made at least weekly. To keep every business data fresh and accurate, constant updates must be made.

  • The list must contain the basic profile, including name of the key contact person, website, phone number, mailing address and direct email address.

  • It provides a data integrity guarantee. Outdated records should be replaced for free.

  • Compliant to GDPR


Caution and due care ought to be guarding you from mediocre firms.

Keep in mind the aforementioned competencies so you can land in the right business partner.

If you have more questions and if there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate and leave us a message.

Why you should always check your Data Records

Ever receive a complaint from customers that your product is defective or isn’t well built? Well, there’s no doubt that you are at fault here. Why? Because you didn’t double check before sending it to the customers. Which means that you’ve failed them and the company. Your service will be questioned and you might lose your job if you always will commit this mistake.

As an Email marketer, I could say that this sort of double checking is worthwhile. Why, you might ask? Because by the end of the day, I know that I’ve submitted a top-notch or a worthwhile record list. Even if it took my entire team a day to make that list.

Double checking your data records doesn’t take much of your free time, unless if it’s really needed. Some customer might ask you for a number of lists within an hour or a day. And that can’t be done by you alone. This will test your leadership and your team’s capability to get the job done.


We all know the result if you handed a wrong or inaccurate list. The customer will get mad and ask for a refund. But what you don’t know that some customers will ask for you to double check and replace all the wrong or inaccurate list. This means that your customer still put their faith in you can give them a top-notch list, failure in doing so means that you lost one customer that put their trust in you. And this will be bad for you and your company.

So aside from that there are still many things that can happen if you handed them the wrong list. And here’s some of them;

  • Refund
  • Lose interest in doing business with you
  • Get another company
  • Write a bad review about you

This is just a few of what will happen, so if I were you. You better double check your list before handing it to your customer.

Getting The Best Out of The Leads Database

Making more sales with a database for leads is for the company to reach their goal and that is to reach or surpass sales projections, broaden market share and push business success further. It is just ordinary for them to spend a part of their incomes in marketing, the function that attracts sales-ready buyers and keeps customers coming back. The more clients they do business with, the more revenue they get. The results of using lead management software will be a great increase in sales performance and the marketer will be actively more likable with contacts which will growth the profits. It is just natural for them to spend a part of their resources in marketing, the function that attracts sales-ready buyers and keeps customers coming back. The more clients they do business with, the more income they get.

Building a database of contacts is will simply not suffice; the marketer would need to keep it clean, updated and in a good running condition. The advantage of having these kinds of databases is that instead of using slips of paper, spreadsheets or personal address ledgers, import all of that data into the software so that it can be utilized efficiently. It has to be made sure that the software that is convenient and easy to use and also all employees know how to utilize it. Employees who are well-trained in how to use the database will be much more likely to use it correctly and consistently. It is the foundation for all successful marketing programs, but there are still many business owners who either fail to keep one or do not properly code it for use as an essential marketing tool.

Every person recognizes that email marketing is a method of sending advertising emails to the directed customers. One of the basic features of online marketing is marketing through electronic mail or simply email. In these times, companies are just spending huge amount of money to make their services for email marketing the chief effective suitable method to manage their email promotional campaign. The content of each email contains the marketing information of the company’s products. There are many experts that suggest that email marketing is the most powerful form of advertising a company’s products and services.

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Evidence supporting the rapid transformation in email readership is overwhelming. According to Return Path, around 81% of email opens were done through mobile devices with smartphones accounting for 27%. The number of emails opened through mobile platforms jumped 82.4% for the same period in the previous year.

From a B2B marketing standpoint, the above trend is also reflected in the business setting. A separate study shows 64% of decision makers like CEOs and other executives are opening their emails through mobile devices. This leaves you with a new horizon in your email marketing campaign. So, take a look at the following tips to help you create and send mobile-friendly emails to contacts in your CEO mailing list.

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The IT industry is amongst one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. With the massive improvements in technology, entire companies and a lot more of other businesses are integrating IT with how they operate on a daily basis. Also, the development of newer and more efficient software has got many companies probing the market and opening their doors to potential IT providers who can give them better service and at much better costs. As for IT companies themselves, they actively seek out ways to obtain IT sales leads and even business lists which they can use to get in contact with IT managers and IT directors that they are are targeting.

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High-Quality Business Lists – Work with Nothing but the Best!

The quality of a business list can more than just fuel a campaign but also help it achieve success. For marketing campaigns that are heavily centered around using e-mail or direct mail, then a good list such as a mailing list or list of e-mail addresses of C-Level executives can really help to keep the campaign afloat and steer it into the right course. When it comes to success with a marketing campaign, you must never forget that having accuracy and knowing who to target is always an important part of how you can find potential clients and hit all the right ones that may show interest in doing business with you. That being said, having a business list you can make use of doesn’t always mean that your campaign will succeed.

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