Telemarketing Tips: Scram from that Scam (Part 2)

Along with the list of common telemarketing scams that victimized a lot of people presented previously, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) also provided the red flags that would help detect it and self-evaluation questions to assist in deciding whether a call is really a scam or not.
The rest of the lucky populace who haven’t experienced it should be able to recognize the harbinger words that leads to this crime. Like the flame that fascinates the moth with its light, scammers tries to entice you with talks such as:

“You’ve been particularly chosen for this offer.”
“You’ll get a free reward if you purchase our item.”
“You’ve won one of our five grand prizes.”
“You’ve won a whopping amount of cash in a foreign lottery.”
“This venture is low risk and gives a higher return than anywhere else.”
“You need to decide immediately.”
“You believe me, don’t you?”
“You don’t have to verify our company with anybody.”
“We’ll simply put the delivery and handling of charges on your credit card.”

In the event of getting a call that is presumed to be a scam, putting forth the following inquiries below to oneself helps in figuring out if or not the call is a scam

Who is calling, and why? The law obliges telemarketers to notify you that it is a business call, the name of the caller, and what they are offering before they make their pitch. The caller didn’t tell you any of this? Drop the call.
What’s the hurry? Authentic businesses let you take your time in deciding and will give you written information about an offer before you confer. Scammers utilize high-pressure tactics to make you commit immediately.
 If it’s free, why are they asking me to pay? How come that it’s free if you have to pay? It’s a purchase then. Always address any expenses you need to pay to recover something.
 Why am I confirming my account information, or giving it out? Spammers may have obtained a billing information before calling. They will attempt to get confirmation so they can guarantee you affirmed a charge.
 What time is it? Telemarketers are permitted by law to call between 8 am and 9 pm on weekdays and between 8 am and 5 pm on Saturdays. No calls on Sundays and holidays. If this is overlooked, just hang up.

FTC suggests registering your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry if you don’t want a certain number to call you again. Remember to be always vigilant in answering calls. In this way, you are helping not only yourself and other people from being deceived by this abusive crime but also legitimate businesses that genuinely offers honest telemarketing services.