The Truth about Email Marketing (That some are Afraid to Reveal)

We all know that Email marketing is considered to be dead by some marketing experts. Due to the fact that only few will open their Email and only a handful will reply to it. But what some marketing experts fail to mention is that Email marketing is Back and will take over the Marketing Industry by storm.

A little known fact about Email marketing is that it’s just like Telemarketing, a cold and none interactive communication between the sender and the receiver. And yet, why does Email gives better results than Telemarketing when it comes to generating leads?

“Well, obviously because Telemarketing is only used when there’s Leads while Email Marketing is used almost every single day just by getting leads.”

The Ugly Truth behind Sending Out Emails

The Truth about Sending out Email is that, it slowly being replaced by something small. And that’s Phone Marketing. Yes, you heard me, a new marketing will be revealed and it’s phone marketing. Where you can still promote your business just by sending out tons of text messaging in your contacts.

The Ugly Truth about Email VS Text Messaging is that: IT STILL EMAIL MARKETING!

I bet you’re wondering how it can be still email marketing when they’re using their phone. Well, have you’ve seen your phone lately? If you think about it, you are given a chance to sync all your contacts in your Gmail accounts to your phone. And that means that you can easily send out emails just by using your phone.