The ugly truth about Email list building

What holds the email marketing campaign are the email list of businesses around the world, or around a specific marketing industry. The method you use to create and maintain your list will have a huge impact on your performance in your email marketing campaign.

Should you buy a list?

Well, technically the answer depends on you. Not everything you read is a fact and not everything you hear is the truth. The ugly truth in “Should you buy a list” is that when you buy a list, there’s something that will keep your mind bothered, and when you don’t buy a list, your mind will never be at ease, the same result right? so here are some con’s and pro’s on buying a list


– Unsolicited Addresses/solicited addresses:

You will be labeled as a spammer if you send unsolicited emails, why? Because the purchase list didn’t agree to receive any marketing emails from you. But on the other side, There are some businesses that will be the one who will email those in the list for you, and some will warn ahead of time that you’ll be emailing them (The business where you’ve bought the email list)


-Dead Email/Active Email

Some business will hand out inactive emails along with emails that aren’t interested in receiving emails from any companies. And Some will hand out active emails who are willing to receive emails from companies that might take an interest with them.


-Outside your target/In Your Target

Since the companies in the list that you’ve bought never heard of you or interact with you, their level of interest is likely not as high as you think. Your effort might be for nothing if you can’t get them to qualify. But of course, it’s normal for us to be unknown first, that’s the beauty of it. You haven’t ruined your image with them, so it’s up to you how well you can sell your business with them.



Typically some email list cost around $100-$400 per thousand records but of course, come companies will ask for a budget price before giving you the list.


The ugly truth about email list building is that you may create your own and you may buy it from businesses. But the fact still remains that you are the only one who can sell your businesses, you just need a little help or you may do it on your own. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll buy or create.