Three Tips for Effective Timing in B2B Email Marketing

Do you ever feel like you’re just playing a game of roulette with your email marketing? If

you are, then you need to do some serious rethinking about your strategies. Email marketing is an investment, not a gamble. One area that affects the results of any email marketing campaign is timing. Timing is a vital component of a strategy that works. Here are some tips to help you optimize any mailing list service.

Choose the best days of the week. Not all business days are ideal for sending email to recipients in a B2B mailing list. If fact, research has shown that the most advisable days for your business contacts to receive marketing emails is from Tuesdays thro

ugh Thursdays. This leaves Monday and Friday out of your options.

Find the best time of day. Just like business days, not all business hours are advisable for firing email blasts on unwary business recipients. According to some studies, you only have a 5.5-hour window of opportunity each day for sending marketing emails. This starts at 0930 and ends at 1500. You should also consider the effect of time zone differences on your campaign.

Consider seasonality. Aside from the ideal business days and hours to send your emails, you also need to consider the time of year or month that you send certain email, particularly with respect to content relevance. This issue is further compounded with mailing list recipients from various countries, e.g. contacts in US and those in a Malaysia mailing lists which may have varying country-specific seasons at certain parts of the year or month.

Timing is a key element in any business activity. This is even more important in email marketing as the way your mailing list contacts respond to what you send depends on when you send it. So, think about these three tips on effective timing.