Three Tips for Sending HTML Newsletters to Executives

Are you having trouble with your HTML newsletter project? Are you getting disappointing results from your executive list? Or, are your ideas simply not taking flight? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you’re not alone. Creating and sending newsletters to decision makers can be a bit of a challenge for most. That’s why the following tips are given to help you get your HTML newsletter and, more importantly, your message to your readers.

Tip #1: Maintain a balance between image and text.
HTML newsletters allow you to include elaborate designs and illustrations into your messages. But this doesn’t give you the license to overdo it. It’s good practice to include some images in the newsletter, but these have to remain within context especially for people in your executive list. Graphics can enhance the visual appeal of your newsletters. However, their use should be limited.

You run the risk of losing the essence of your newsletter if you rely on graphics too much. Some email platforms may not display your images properly while some may not show them at all. So avoid including very important messages as images or pictures.

Tip #2: Have a plain-text version of your HTML newsletter.
Again, with some platforms not supporting all of the HTML features in your newsletter, it might be more suitable to send an alternative all-text newsletter instead. Although you may think this takes away some of the aesthetic quality from your newsletter, it does have the advantage of guaranteeing delivery. Using the text-only alternative also makes your newsletter more inbox-friendly, giving it a lesser chance of being labeled as junk mail by recipients in your executive list.

There are email marketing platforms that automatically decide whether to send an HTML or a plain-text version of your newsletter to a specific contact based on the platform he or she uses. You may need to consult your executive list provider for more on this feature.

Tip #3: Always include the option to unsubscribe.
Making sure that your recipients have the option to discontinue their subscription to your newsletter is a big plus factor for you campaign. This shows how much thought you give your subscribers and allows you to maintain goodwill among your execute contacts. Also, depending on the area, you may be legally obliged to provide an unsubscribe option to certain contacts in a US executive list. Offering your recipients this choice also helps you filter out uninterested prospects.

Yes, electronic mail has made marketing more convenient and effective but we have to admit that it has brought new challenges too. Nonetheless, by taking a few simple steps, we can easily get around these hurdles and reach the people we want.