Tips and Tricks in Selecting a B2B Telemarketing Firm (Part 1)

When you’re set out to find the perfect B2B telemarketing firm for your business, you need to have your objectives in mind, substantial knowledge, and strategy so that you’ll be able to make the best possible decision in who to choose. To be honest, there isn’t necessarily a perfect technique in selecting one but there are practices and criteria that will direct you to the right direction just fine.

Set the telemarketing services you need.

Have you ever had that experience of buying some stuff because they’re flashy? But you end up regretting afterward because it dawned on you that you don’t really need it and that there’s another thing that’s important for you to buy? Employing a B2B telemarketing firm right away because they seem to be the best in town feels just like that. You see, every B2B telemarketing firm will tell you that they’re the best. However, have you had any actual use of their services? Do these services manage to have helped you in achieving your business’ objectives so far? You certainly have issues if you answered no. For example, for your lead generation, you may need database building, data profiling, lead qualifying, appointments setting and long-term lead nurturing services. There are B2B telemarketing firms that offer such services and there are those who specialize in a single area. Know that B2B telemarketing firm selection becomes so much easier when you have a clear understanding of your business’ needs.

Inspect their compliance with the industry standards and regulations.

The fastest way to get your company’s reputation compromised is employing a telemarketing firm who is lenient in following industry standards and regulations. For instance, in Australia, NSW Government have regulations (Unsolicited Consumer Agreements) regarding calling customers without an invitation and in the USA, Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) National Do Not Call Registry empower costumers by giving them a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. Remember that telemarketing firms who abide restrictions and rules do not only mean they’re responsible but put into consideration their customers/clients rights.

Consider looking over B2B marketing publications and events.

Arguably, B2B telemarketing firms who are featured or been used as a source in B2B marketing publications and who have spoken in marketing events are deemed to have quality in their performance. The fact that they have been recognized and were chosen to be a resource for the B2B marketing industry tells a lot about how they render their services to their clients. Moreover, an implication that they’re keeping up with the latest marketing trend and are into the consultative approach.

Examine their campaign development process.

Apparently, it’s going to be your telemarketing campaign and the results will affect your business. So you need to be able to know how they will establish and handle your campaign to bring it to fruition. Most practiced B2B telemarketing firms have already their own devised method. You just need to evaluate what method works best for your campaign.