Tips and Tricks in Selecting a B2B Telemarketing Firm (Part 2)

Investigate about their telemarketers.

Figuratively speaking, your telemarketing campaigns are  like wars and the frontline soldiers are going to be the telemarketers. If this is the case, do they have the necessary ammunitions lock and loaded? Or if it all comes down to hand to hand combat, are they skilled enough to take it head on? It is important to gather information that will allow you to size up how qualified the callers are. What are their skill sets? Their experiences on the market your business is targeting? Their average tenure? Even their average age bracket? How are their performances tracked? Do they receive training for specific campaigns? Probe. Remember that your business will be represented by these people. Don’t settle for anything less.

Check their data quality.

As what have been said, there are B2B telemarketing firms who offers a pre-packaged database of contact persons from different industries and at the same time, render database building service. If you are considering one, assess the quality of their database. What are the company size, location and revenue figures of the businesses found in their database? Are the contact details targeted and accurate? It’s impossible to extract quality leads from an inappropriate database. Another important thing to take note is data exclusivity. They should guarantee you that the database you purchased or have them built should be solely yours. The last thing you want is your database recycled and sold to other companies.

Evaluate their technology and technical support.

Can they conveniently export and import data? What is their process in terms of integrating client’s CRM and marketing automation solution? Can their technology monitor, listen in to and review telemarketer calls? Do they have the capacity to do real-time reporting? Have they implemented a technology where there has been a decrease in their costs or increase in their clients’ satisfaction? The efficiency of a B2B telemarketing firm’s technology and technical support allows you to optimize and not waste your resources.

Contact references and referrals.

B2B telemarketing firms who have established a good relationship with their past or existing clients are not afraid to give you information about them as references. Talk to them. Ask what are their experiences in working with that particular B2B telemarketing firm. Have they encounter issues? If they have, what are those? How did the firm deal with it? Also, you can tap people from your professional network for referrals.