Top 5 Tips for Sending B2B Mobile Emails That Get Read and Acted Upon by CEOs

Mobile devices are creating new B2B marketing opportunities and challenges. Right now, email marketing is one of the areas being revolutionized by mobile devices. With statistics all pointing toward a shift in email consumption toward mobile devices, traditional email marketing methods and practices may no longer apply. We have to rethink our campaigns to facilitate sending emails to mobile device users in our mailing list. This post gives you five basic tips to help achieve exactly that.

Evidence supporting the rapid transformation in email readership is overwhelming. According to Return Path, around 81% of email opens were done through mobile devices with smartphones accounting for 27%. The number of emails opened through mobile platforms jumped 82.4% for the same period in the previous year.

From a B2B marketing standpoint, the above trend is also reflected in the business setting. A separate study shows 64% of decision makers like CEOs and other executives are opening their emails through mobile devices. This leaves you with a new horizon in your email marketing campaign. So, take a look at the following tips to help you create and send mobile-friendly emails to contacts in your CEO mailing list.

1. Know what device they’re using.
Although studies show that 85% of mobile emails are opened via Apple devices, this may not be the case for your campaign. It’s important to know what devices your recipients use to access your emails. Consult with your mailing list provider or an email marketing consultant to find the needed tools to do this.

2. Condense content and other text.
In mobile emails, space is at a premium. To reduce clutter, keep your subject line 60 characters or less, have no more than 2 calls to action, and use short sentences. Also, using the word “exclusive” on subject lines can increase open rates by as much as 14% among most mailing list contacts.

3. Send a text version & HTML.
In mobile email marketing, it’s a good practice to have a text version of your message along with your HTML template. The text-heavy alternative is usually accessed by mobile devices with very little problems. You can still include your company logo and one or two images of your product in the watered-down version.

4. Remember mobile devices have no mouse pointers.
Needless to say, the human finger replaces the mouse pointer in navigating around the mobile environment. Of course, a mouse pointer has a higher degree of precision than mobile touch. That’s why you have to make the key elements in your message “finger-clickable.” As such, you want to make sure that all clickable items must not be smaller than 29 x 44 pixels.

5. Study the time element.
Apart from knowing what to send to your mailing list contacts, you should also know when to send it. According to recent studies, emails sent in the morning have generally demonstrated the highest click-through rates. You should also have a fairly regular schedule for sending new emails. Frequency and timing are also important factors in B2B email marketing.

In order to apply these five tips to their fullest effect, you should also know that, in many cases, optimal mobile B2B email marketing strategies may not happen on your first few attempts. That’s why you have to test, track, and tweak you email marketing campaign parameters in a sort of trial-and-error approach. With a little persistence, you’ll eventually arrive at a winning strategy.