Top 7 Personal Traits that Successful Professional B2B Email Marketers Have in Common

About 88% of B2B marketers make use of email marketing and sales lead databases as part of their main toolkit. Among other things, this figure means that there’s fierce competition within the ranks of B2B email marketers and, in the zero-sum game of email campaigns, some of them will lose while others will bask in marketing glory. But what makes a B2B marketing winner?

As you might think, there’s no straight answer to the above question. Success in B2B email marketing depends on a myriad of factors: active contact list management, relevant content creation, timing and frequency, and many others. This post, however, tries to answer the previous question by looking at the personal characteristics of B2B email marketers that ultimately affect their professional performance. In general, successful B2B email marketing practitioners are:

1. Organized. The ability to put things in their proper place and order is indispensable in running B2B email campaigns. Tasks like maintaining segmented contacts list, mapping content to audience, determining message priority, scheduling activities, etc. face email marketers day in and day out, requiring a great deal of skills in organization and planning.

2. Creative. In this context, “creativity” extends beyond the ability to develop original and engaging email content/copy, although this is its primary application. Being creative in B2B email marketing also means having the ability to come up with innovative solutions to problems related to the campaign or customers/prospects in the contact list and elsewhere.

3. Analytical/Critical. Problem-solving skills and the ability to draw sound conclusions by following a logical thought process based on facts and figures are likewise very important for effective B2B email marketers. Email campaigns are typically awash with a vast pool of metrics and measurements; only those who can accurately make sense of the numbers and events can make the most appropriate decisions.

4. Time-conscious. The value of the element of time cannot be overstated enough in B2B email marketing. Email marketers who have a knack for timing, frequency, and consistency in sending emails are more likely better able to generate above-average results. While it may seem that some marketers are naturally hard-wired with this trait, most of us can develop and sharpen this ability through experience and study.

5. Warm. The ability to humanize bulk email communications is another important characteristic of successful B2B email marketing practitioners. Personalization is a determining factor of establishing a connection with recipients from a B2B contact list. Moreover, interpersonal and collaborative skills are also part of being “warm” as an email marketer.

6. Meticulous/Thorough. Having a keen eye for detail helps turn ordinary email marketers into competent professionals. Every aspect of an email campaign – contacts list management, content development, email scheduling, testing/evaluation, etc. – require some level of thoroughness and attention from planning to execution.

7. Results-oriented. Great B2B email campaign managers have an almost-natural tendency to be driven by objectives and working toward achieving results. They know how to measure and attain success in their overall projects as well as every campaign facet.

If you think you can easily attach the above seven adjectives to your professional profile, then give yourself a pat on the back. But if you feel you need a bit of work on most of these characteristics, don’t worry too much. Email marketing is a learning process. You’ll get better at it as your experience grows and if you remain open to the lessons along the way.