Top 8 Examples of Great B2B Email Subject Lines and Why They Work So Well

In B2C, email marketing messages are generally geared more toward promotion and selling, and you see this in the choice of subject lines among B2C marketers. In B2B email marketing, however, messages are sent for building trust and establishing the sender’s credibility as a source of solution or information helpful to recipients in the business email contact database. In order to get them to open your message, you’d first have to give them a good reason to do so, and you do this through your subject line.

Here are eight examples of great B2B email marketing subject lines based on a blog posted on The Email Marketing Guide website titled “Subject Lines for B2B Email Marketing that Work” (see link at end of text). We’ll also try to see why they’re very effective and how you can apply them in your own campaign.

“The [name] Industry Isn’t Broken”

Among the hallmarks of an effective B2B email subject line is the use of strong words to make a stand on a controversial or hotly-debated issue. In this case, the sender immediately indicates to the recipients in the contact database about which side he or she is on the topic.

“Now you can do even more with [amount]”

The main reason why this subject line really gets the attention of contacts in a B2B email contact database is that it directly refers to a specific pain point of the reader – which is maximizing the benefits derived from limited company (or personal) resources. Whatever the sender inserts in the indicated portion, the readers will immediately be aware that the underlying message could hold a potential solution.

“Your Weekly Alert: [topic]“

The most apparent positive characteristic from this subject line is that it indicates a consistent time interval “weekly” to recipients in the contact database. Keep in mind that consistency is one of the pillars of B2B email marketing and is necessary to build credibility and trust. If properly applied, this subject line could generate not only interest but anticipation among readers.

“View exclusive research results on [topic]”

There are at least two noteworthy attributes related to this subject line. First, it correctly uses the word “exclusive” and blends it well with the rest of the line. Research has shown that using the word “exclusive” in email subject lines increases open rates by as much as 14%. The next feature of this subject line is its announcement of potentially useful information in the form of research results (assuming that the study in question is relevant to the interest and needs of the readers).

“New white paper: Best Practices for [topic]”

Similar to the previous point, this subject line announces the availability of a new white paper which, as far as B2B email marketing is concerned, is one of the top incentives marketers can offer to recipients from B2B contact lists. B2B contacts are constantly looking for solution and information to make their working lives easier, and relevant white papers normally fulfill this need.

“Inside: [engaging newsletter topic]”

This subject line acts as a teaser that draws the attention of the readers away from other items on the inbox and directs it squarely on the email content. However, the effectiveness of this particular subject line also hinges on the topic/title previewed from the newsletter.

“Expires in 1 day: [offer]”

Aside from exclusivity, another incentive B2B marketers can offer to recipients is urgency. This subject line creates a sense of urgency by pointing out that the corresponding offer is valid only for a limited time. But, similar to the previous item, this subject line also relies on the offer being cited to produce the desired effect.

“Thank you for [action]”

Although this subject line isn’t guaranteed to tremendously boost open rates, it does reflect interaction and engagement from the sender, which are in turn among the requirements of a successful email campaign.

Now, it’s your turn. What other examples of subject lines did you find greatly engaging? Why?

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