Using A Business Email List For Announcements

business email list can be used for more than just your regular lead generation campaign. It can be used to make a very important announcement. Things like new products or new services may need a bit of marketing. But no matter how you look at it, what better way to introduce them than to pronounce the news far and wide?

Your Business Email List Helps You Send It

It is like in fairy tales where the king sends messengers all across the lands. The news is always of great importance such as the birth of a new heir, the proclamation of a reward, or even a declaration of war! There are many real-life counterparts to this in business. And whereas kings had town cries and messengers, your business has email marketing services.

However, also in fairy tales, not everyone likes the message (or worse, they like it but for less than noble reasons). There is also the alternative consequence of leaving someone out of the loop (and look how that worked out in Sleeping Beauty).

Sound familiar? It should if you know the importance of constructing a business email list properly. Realistically speaking, your industry indicates what industries will really take interest in your announcement. Though in keeping with the fairy tale analogy, here are the types of people you should include in such a list to minimize risks and avoid a bad ending.

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  • Nobility – It sounds obvious right. What king does not announce to the nobility? Well when making a business email list, you also start with the most obvious. Go first for the regular industries that have close ties to yours. They will serve as your foothold as well as your buffer when it comes to announcing new products.
  • Heroes – Every tale has a hero and these heroes too are aware of whatever news the king makes. What is interesting is that there are also heroes who come from very humble origins. In business though, these could be your potential advocates in the market. They are independent customers but at the same time, they fight for your cause.

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  • Vengeful faeries – This is not just for the one in Sleeping Beauty. Again, beware of leaving someone out of the loop. Once you have covered those who show obvious interest as well as market influencers, look for those who seem unlikely but could then feel resentful that you did not approach them. The reason for their resent? You have something they wanted so why did you disqualify them from the list?

The reason for all this is because many businesses make the mistake of assuming announcements do not need targeting. But on the contrary, the wider your market can be, the more important it becomes. You never know how people will react to your email marketing message. Carefully spell out your business email list when you make announcements to generate sales leads.