Using A Business Email List For Webinars

It is easy to see how a business email list works well with a webinar. In today’s business world, the webinar is an increasingly popular medium of choice when it comes to marketing businesses and sharing ideas. However, like any other big meeting or event, it has little value when the turn-out is low.

Speaking of which though, imagine yourself as a company that specializes in event organizing to further understand why you need to maximize that turn-out.

A Business Email List For Your Invitations

Using emails to attract attendees is not that much different from using them attract sales leads. In fact, just think of it an extension of your appointment setting process. Your webinar events can be used to boost market interest and give an extra push to your marketing campaign. That event in turn though needs to be marketed by using email invitations.

Imagine it like this, you are holding a grand festival and are inviting merchant guilds from all over to participate and showcase their wares. Before that though, you must have a meeting with all the guild leaders to see why this event is of such importance. A webinar is but a modernized version of this.

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So with that established, here are several things to keep in mind when purchasing a business email list for invitation purposes:

  • Industry coverage – What industries will you cover in this event and how relevant can you make yourself to all of them? The wider the variety, the more difficult it might be to get them interested until you focus on one common need. Another thing to take note is that covering multiple industries might require more than one business email list. Many providers separate their lists under industrial categories.
  • Location of prospects – It might seem trivial but time zones still play a powerful factor in attendance. Prospects who are scattered across different ones clearly follow another clock. You need to practice a bit of geo-targeting so that the sun can be as far up on their side of the planet by the time of the webinar.

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  • Accessibility – There are many ways to host online conferences, sometimes too many. Prospects who are not familiar with the medium might have trouble getting on. Never forget to include a few simple instructions in your business email. Such a small gesture can turn out to be a big favor from a prospect’s perspective.
  • Specializing – Sometimes a business email list can be pre-packaged with too much information. Be open to the prospect of refining it or even combining it with the information from other lists. And if it sounds like too much trouble, some providers also offer to create a customized email list just for you. Do not be ashamed to take them up on that offer.

One element to success in any marketing any business is readiness to not only adapt but also integrate new methods. If you have decided that webinars could work for you, improve it by incorporating the methods you had used for B2B appointment setting and lead generation.