Using A Business Email List Needs Many Faces

When you look at your business email list, you will be surprised at how it can force you to wear many faces. Spies are not the only ones called to be masters of disguise. And while deception should not be your goal, there are shocking parallels when it comes to the need to give different impressions.

Your Business Email List As A List Of Settings

The primary reason for needing many faces is blending in. You and your salespeople need to present themselves without standing out too much when you pursue your sales leads. It only grows all the more important if your prospect:

  • Already has negative impressions – Sometimes this is not really the fault of your email marketers but simply the reputation of your entire industry. For example, corporate law firms and their employees leave a very intimidating (if not sleazy) impression on the popular imagination. That imagination is the same one held by decision makers who are, in a way, closer to the people (e.g. small businesses).
  • Has an unfamiliar work environment – There are times when your business email list can take you to unexpected places. However, it is in those places that your new prospects await. You do not want to wear anything that would make travel difficult or attract needless stares.

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  • Embodies a different business culture – Of course, just appearing to blend is not always enough. Sometimes a business email list can mean that you need to note certain cultural influences. Many business factors like money and management can actually reflect a bigger culture.

Lucky for you, you do not need to overhaul your wardrobe or take a crash course in cultural studies all just to blend in without putting off your potential clients. All you need is to take the following steps:

  • Use fewer categories – Several industries can easily be grouped under either one that expects a formal and professional impression or one that cares for more than appearance. This allows you to quickly put on the right face in response to an email list that covers too many industries.
  • Interchange comfort and culture – Blend in to the culture but not to the point of getting too uncomfortable by reasonable standards. For example, if you are going somewhere hot, wear something light and a little on the modest side. If you are heading to the hills, simply think twice about wearing your best shoes or heels because they could turn walking into its own waste of time.
  • Remember impressions are only the start – Despite all this emphasis on appearance, that does not mean it is the end but the beginning. Remember that your business email list only serves to start your relationships with B2B customers. Once you have gotten a good start with impression, do not stop looking for ways to further engagement.

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Remember, just because you do not need that much to have that many faces does not mean those faces have no importance. They are your ticket to penetrating markets (especially ones you are not familiar with). Your B2B lead generation plan should help you wear many guises.