Do You Want to Be a Thought Leader? Here’s how! (Part 2)

Thrive for a content that BANGS

Innovation is the ground that the best thought leaders in the world have always tread. Their visions and way of thinking aren’t limited to what has already been established in the industry they belong. They always explore possibilities and make contents out of it. They make bolder claims. They drive change and empower others with this change. So what’s stopping you to be the same?

Build relationship with your audience/readers

You would not become a “leader” without a “follower”. You see, it is not just about curating great content and ideas but having someone to be inspired with those so that they will take action. That is why your ultimate goal is to build a profound and genuine relationship with your audience and readers. Engage them in relevant conversations. Encourage them to contribute their own industry insights and ideas or place their concerns. Reach them whenever, wherever you can. Do not just use your social media accounts for mere promotional stuffs. Use it to know them and to let them know you.

Work with mentors and influencers

Connections are important if you’re aspiring to be a thought leader. When you surround yourself with these people and what you have to offer merits it so, they can definitely help you in getting your word out. They can even help in boosting your strategic visibility. But more than that, when you work with them, you can do a whole lot of growing and learning from their expertise and experience in the industry.

Publish a book.

Perhaps, you can say that authoring a good book  circulated by a well-known publisher is one of the few ways that can speed up your becoming of a thought leader.  A book is a compelling material in establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. In addition, it expands your reach beyond your normal content channels, growing your followers even more.

Stick to what makes you “You”.

Being one of the majority won’t cut it. How will you brand yourself when you won’t do something that would make people single you out from the crowd? Surely, it isn’t so much of a sweat to have your own voice, to just be you. On the other hand, compromising authenticity for the sake of being different is also another story. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t be ashamed of being transparent on what you know and what you don’t. People will respect you more for it. After all, being a thought leader isn’t just centered on you leading others but also you on learning from others in order to grow.

Motivate others to learn, do and be more! Be a thought leader.