Social Media Marketing: 2 Ways to Generate B2B Leads through LinkedIn

Compare to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is said to be the most viable social media platform for B2B leads generation. A recent study concluded that more than 80% of B2B leads from social media are generated from LinkedIn. Well, why wouldn’t that be the case? Linked in is like a huge convention of professionals from different industries. This only implies that businesses eyeing businesses and decision makers will find a large convergence of it in LinkedIn in contrast to other social media platform. Undeniably, B2B leads seem to be endless in this vast social network and B2B marketers are taking advantage of this. However, you don’t want to go prancing around this platform indiscriminately without a strategy.


B2B Leads in LinkedIn Status Updates

Members who post regularly are said to likely succeed in LinkedIn. In any social media platform, the more active you are, the more visible you get. This is a good approach to stay in your connections’ feed. Frequently expressing great information, sharing industry news and tips and publishing your own article enables you to establish credibility and gain new connections as other members will see how engage you are. What’s more is that you can leverage these posts to acquire a significant number of B2B leads easily. Members use LinkedIn channels to see articles in line with topics they are concern with. LinkedIn channels sort these posts into various topics. A channel per se could have 1 million followers! (Just imagine how many B2B leads you can procure with such an overwhelming number). If you want this to work for you, get featured in a channel. You can also initiate or encourage a Q and A trick. Questions doesn’t need to be about your respective businesses. It can be anything (e.g. economy situation, political events and many more). Q and A can stimulate healthy professional discourses and can lead to B2B lead generation. Just make sure that you’re a specialist in whatever topic you want to discuss and that answers you offer are profound, intensive and reliable.


B2B Leads in LinkedIn InMail

One of the well-known marketing feature in LinkedIn that has empower B2B lead generation is InMail. It permits you to send messages to individuals outside your immediate connections. In addition, it’s a successful instrument for moving beyond gatekeepers and reaching prospects directly. As per LinkedIn, the probability of B2B marketers getting a reply in employing InMail is 30 times than those who pick cold calling. Make sure to make a research before sending an InMail message so that you can specify shared characteristics with your contact.

LinkedIn has many features that makes it an ideal resource for B2B marketing and B2B lead generation. Play to its strength with your objectives in mind.