What If A Business Email List Scares You?

It can be very easy to imagine how one look at a business email list can send you in shock. The look on your face can be quite similar to the one you would wear upon seeing just how high your credit card debt is. The only difference is the circumstances. It is easy to see how mortifying a list of five figures can be on a bill. How can a list of names and email addresses be just as terrifying?

The Scary Things On A Business Email List

  • Prospects’ positions – After the list has finished downloading or you finally got in the mail, you start sweating once you see the positions of all your prospects. CEOs. CIOs. CMOs. In fact, just the sight of any high-ranking business position and you imagine yourself standing in a conference room full of men in suits while your tongue starts tying itself.
  • Prospects’ industries – Some industries leave quite the impression on popular imagination (and hence, yours as well). For example, just the term ‘defense contractor’ is enough to see yourself standing in a war zone. When such firms somehow end up as potential business leads, nobody can blame you for wanting to duck and cover.
  • Prospect’s location – Whether it is fear of flying, fear of unfamiliar places, or just fear of ruining your best shoes, they all find dread in a business email list full of less than convenient locations. Your emails can reach them sure but what about your salespeople (or yourself for that matter)?

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How do you handle these fears though? Surely you cannot just stand there and do nothing. A business email list costs money and the last things you want are fears keeping you from making the most of what you spent. Okay, so you have taken a look at your list, got the scare of your professional lifetime, but now it is time to take those fears head on.

  • Step 1: Recall how this list was made – Sometimes fears can cause you to forget and one thing you might forget is how your email list came to be. Was this a custom list that you ordered from your provider? Can you remember what link you clicked to download this list?
  • Step 2: Remember why you organized your list by position/industry/location – If certain industries scare you, why are you marketing to them? Perhaps the fear caused you to forget that you are trying to penetrate a new market. Obviously, you need to overcome these fears if you want to succeed.
  • Step 3: Consult other parties for advice – This can include email marketers, lead generation firms, or even your own list provider. There are lot of things you can acquire from these people than just basic, business information. They have their own experience interacting with these people and help you shape a more realistic image of them.

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A business email list can take you by surprise but do not let that paralyze your entire marketing campaign. There is no room for so much fear in business and B2B lead generation!