What makes Data purchasing worth every penny

With every purchase, we tend to rethink our decision. Whether or not our decision will be worth every penny we’ve spent. But as time passes by, our way of thinking became more rational. We often hear ourselves ask this type of question “Is this going to help me?” “Will this guarantee my business success?” “Will this last long?”  if we will purchase or not the item we need or want.

When it comes to Data purchasing, we are unaware whether it can help our business grow. We are gambling, whether this data can provide us with useful information or not. But nevertheless, we take on that gamble and with only 50% chance of having a 75% working data, we still push on our gamble to find out whether we can use the 75% of the data we purchase. But nonetheless, we are still trying to find out what makes a data purchasing worth every penny, if we are only given an 75% accurate Data.

There are many things we don’t know about companies that provides Data Profiling, cleansing and verification, and that’s coming from someone who’s with a Database Company. But as I recall, some of our clients are satisfied with our product or service that we tend to go beyond what is expected of us. But of course, we can’t avoid some instances that we fail to deliver what is asked of us, due to some complications that occur within the gathering of data step.


I for one can tell you that, despite all the different specs clients are giving us, we still give them a 90% accurate list. We ensure that within those 90%, every single data in that list are checked, replaced, and verified. ContactDB doesn’t lie to its clients by giving them false information and assumptions.

ContactDB is:

  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Honest