Why you should always check your Data Records

Ever receive a complaint from customers that your product is defective or isn’t well built? Well, there’s no doubt that you are at fault here. Why? Because you didn’t double check before sending it to the customers. Which means that you’ve failed them and the company. Your service will be questioned and you might lose your job if you always will commit this mistake.

As an Email marketer, I could say that this sort of double checking is worthwhile. Why, you might ask? Because by the end of the day, I know that I’ve submitted a top-notch or a worthwhile record list. Even if it took my entire team a day to make that list.

Double checking your data records doesn’t take much of your free time, unless if it’s really needed. Some customer might ask you for a number of lists within an hour or a day. And that can’t be done by you alone. This will test your leadership and your team’s capability to get the job done.


We all know the result if you handed a wrong or inaccurate list. The customer will get mad and ask for a refund. But what you don’t know that some customers will ask for you to double check and replace all the wrong or inaccurate list. This means that your customer still put their faith in you can give them a top-notch list, failure in doing so means that you lost one customer that put their trust in you. And this will be bad for you and your company.

So aside from that there are still many things that can happen if you handed them the wrong list. And here’s some of them;

  • Refund
  • Lose interest in doing business with you
  • Get another company
  • Write a bad review about you

This is just a few of what will happen, so if I were you. You better double check your list before handing it to your customer.