5 Words You Should and Should Not Include in Your B2B Telemarketing Pitch

Words have the power to both compel and drive prospects away. In B2B telemarketing, using certain word or phrases can have an impact on the call. Wrong words or phrases can leave a bad taste in the prospect’s mouth but the right ones can certainly earn you their good side. Let us a take a look at the 5 words that got prospects cringing and the other 5 that got them engaging.

1. Honestly

Your motive may be entirely positive when using this word but it would actually have the opposite effect to your prospects. If you have to tell them that you’re being honest at a particular part of the conversation then that can imply that what you say beforehand isn’t truthful. You’ll be  having them do a double take of what you said, be suspicious of you instead of trusting you.

2. Quality

Ironically, this word has been mostly used by companies who offer poor service than those who really do render a quality service. So you can’t expect this word to be welcome with so much enthusiasm.

3. Sign/Signature

Bringing up signs or signature is like being anxious to get to the topic of prices and figures and your prospect handing over their money.

4. Perhaps/Maybe

It’s going to be difficult for the prospects to commit to you when you seem to be unsure of what you are saying. These words are evasive and wouldn’t guarantee anything to your prospects.

5. Cheap

Indeed, you may have the cheapest price in the market. However, using this term can backfire because this degrades the value of your product or service.


1. You

According to research, this word (along with our names) trigger specific responses in the brain that appeals directly to our sense of identity. It’s also among the top power words in the English language. Given this, it’s often used to make a connection with prospects (even in email marketing). Well, it’s always about the prospects and what’s in it for them, is it? Not for your company.

2. Do

You want to give off the feeling of confidence and competency to your prospects to make them say yes. But remember, it is not something you can make them perceive if you keep on saying that you would just try instead of giving them assurance that you would actually do it. What’s the use of proposing your help to them in the first place anyway?

3. Or

Give your prospects options when offering a proposal. Constraining them to a single choice may mean inflexibility on your part and can turn them off.

4. We

Instead of saying “you should”, start off with “should we…?”. This way, you avoid sounding demanding and more of suggesting in presenting your proposal.  It might grind your prospects gears being told what to do.

5. Value

Another case of WIIFM. You can talk about how impressive your product or service to the prospects until your blue in the face but if you can’t make them see sense why they need it, don’t even bother.

Be wary. Avoid those words that are killing your B2B telemarketing and retain those that are boosting it.