ContactDB Exceeds Email Engagement Goals for Government Agency through Profiling In-House List


Rise in leads generated daily per agent


Improvement in call quality scores


Government Agency





Campaign Type

Data Cleansing, Data Profiling

Target Location

ASEAN countries Australia United States European Union countries

Target Industry

International Trade Sector (Export and Import Industries)

Target Decision makers

C-level and Senior Management


The Client is the head office of a key government agency. This agency manages foreign trade and industry through development and implementation of foreign trade policies, and through regulation of the national import and export industries.

The Challenge

The Client oversees international trade in its home country; part of its responsibility is to manage and facilitate trade relations with private enterprises abroad. Through its operations, the Client has compiled and maintained an extensive database of key contacts from exporters and importers located in the Client’s partner countries.

The Client has constructed a list of foreign companies, consisting of around 25,000 contacts, through a miscellany of methods: signup forms, internal research, tradeshow events, and public documents. This list is important for it underlies all of the Client’s promotion activities and information drives, and it also serves as the main distribution list for the agency’s monthly newsletter.

To help keep its database up to date, the Client planned to update and migrate its various data resources. It was revealed after a data audit of the foreign companies list that the Client faced a number of potential data quality issues, such as missing values, duplicate entries, and outdated fields.

Tight timetables for the data migration project also presented an additional hurdle for the Client. Meeting their business goals on time meant the Client had to seek a third-party provider to help them in scrubbing and updating their companies list. The Client performed a thorough procurement process, and ended up selecting ContactDB. ContactDB was selected for its account price competitiveness, data management capabilities, and proven track record.

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