ContactDB’s 360-Degree and Data Profiling Strategies Push Exhibition Leader to Expand to New Markets


confirmed attendees for two events


cleansed existing contacts and got rid of almost 50% of the contacts


Exhibition and Trade





Campaign Type

Call-to-Invite, Data Profiling

Target Location

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines

Target Industry

Communications, Engineering, Lifestyle, Mining Construction, Building Plastic and Rubber Machinery Processing and Packaging

Target Decision makers

ICT Professionals, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, Manufacturing Professionals


The Client is a pioneer in hosting trade exhibitions and conferences and has become the top trade event organizer in Singapore. Their trade exhibitions are dynamic spaces where representatives of the largest and longest-running key industry sectors in the region connect through effective networking and develop opportunities for mutual business growth.

The Challenge

The Client has led the exhibition industry for forty years, and has received numerous recognitions and awards in that span, including the Exhibition City Approved International Fair (AIF) Scheme and the Singapore Business Events Awards. The recognition the client has received over the years has earned great trust from the industries they serve. This trust has helped the Client grow its client list significantly.

In order to be properly calibrated to the rapid changing marketing and exhibition landscape, the Client decided to adopt modern methods for lead generation and appointment setting program in acquiring new prospects and growing its customers’ base. The Client realizes that the tried-and-tested methods it has used for 40 years may be losing its effectiveness in the face of emerging technologies, which is why it reached out to ContactDB; ContactDB’s 360-degree strategies and data profiling services could help the Client cement its leading industry position in the modern age, as well as push it to penetrate into new markets.

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