ContactDB Speeds Up Lead Flow For Leading Payment Processor


Increase in Response Rates

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Appointment Setting

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Target Industry

Lodging and Hospitality, Restaurant, Education, Petroleum

Target Decision makers

Business Owners


The Client is one of the leading independent payment processors in the United States. They handle credit and debit card transactions, as well as payroll services for over 100,000 restaurants, hotels, and other retail merchants in the country. Their company, headquartered on the East Coast, has several regional offices that handle vast sale territories.

The Challenge

The Client needed a reliable marketing strategy to keep its services more accessible to its target market to gain an edge on its increasing number of competitors in the merchant services industry. The Client aims to help their operational-level Relationship Managers to direct their sales pipeline and to encourage increased business growth.

The Client tasked ContactDB to augment its in-house sales team’s efforts by providing the sales team with fresh leads. The internal sales teams were then assigned to close deals from the appointments given to them by ContactDB.

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