ContactDB Doubles Cybersecurity Firm’s Sales-Qualified Leads

Sales Qualified Leads
Marketing Qualified Leads
Profiled Prospects


IT, Cybersecurity




The USA, with offices in the UK and Australia

Campaign Type

Appointment Setting

Target Location

East Coast states, with a focus on NY industries

Target Industry

Retail Trade, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

Target Decision makers

CIOs, CFOs, CTOs, IT Managers, Other IT Decision-Makers


The Client is a US-based company that supports growing businesses by helping them with their information security challenges and dealing with various cyber threats. The Client mainly focuses on government and private organizations in the financial, retail, legal, and defense sectors. Some of its customers are one of the world’s most high-profile blue-chip companies.

The Challenge

The Client already has an internal sales team tasked with finding, contacting, and converting potential clients. The in-house sales team has tried different methods and strategies in hopes of generating more leads. Despite implementing various methods and strategies in hopes of generating more leads, the Client’s internal sales team has long struggled in bringing in new prospects and closing new deals.

The Client contracted the services of ContactDB to help expand the Client’s reach to other viable markets and secure sales meetings and appointments with the right people across these new accounts. The Client tasked ContactDB to initiate this process so that its internal sales team can focus on improving their existing services. 

 With this requirement, ContactDB implemented market research, account selection, profiling, and targeted outreach to bring the Client new prospects and customers from fresh markets.

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