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Campaign Type

Lead Generation

Target Location

Singapore, Hong Kong

Target Industry

All Industries

Target Decision makers

IT Manager, HR Administrator, Procurement/Purchasing Manager Buyer, Office Administrator General Manager, Person-in-charge of printers and photocopiers


With its headquarters in Singapore, the Client is the leader in producing smart applications and innovating solutions among its wide offering of print devices. Its drive for constant reinvention and innovation has helped the Client, as the largest HP partner in Asia, maintain its position in a greatly competitive industry.

The Challenge

The Client has made its brand as a trusted provider of the best print and copy solutions to their customers since its inception in 2005. Their commitment to their service has earned them great successes in revenue, and has also pushed them to improve their customer care services.

Since they operate in a tough competitive industry, the Client has experienced a sharp decline in primal revenue, reaching only 13% to 15%, falling way short of their yearly target of 20%. The Client now felt the urgency to recover their losses, deciding to act quickly on the situation by reaching out to ContactDB for a collaboration on a comprehensive lead generation campaign.

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