ContactDB Provides Lead Management Support to Leading Business Software Company


Calls per month


Increase in sales conversion rates


Live and recorded event registrants increase of almost


IT Services





Campaign Type

Lead Generation, Data Profiling, Call-To-Invite

Target Location

Global, with a focus on the Asia Pacific

Target Industry

All Industries

Target Decision makers

CIOs, CFOs, CTOs, IT Managers, Other IT Decision-Makers


The Client is one of the world’s largest business software company. With branches in over 30 countries, the Client offers a full range of enterprise business software. The Client specializes in managing customer relations, enterprise assets, resource planning, financial systems, human capital, performance, product lifecycle, supplier relations, and supply chains.

The Client aims to provide its customers with the best software experience at a reasonable cost. To meet their customers’ long-term needs, they provide continuing support to their customers’ businesses through technological innovations.

The Challenge

The Client lacked in-house expertise and tools in running a lead generation and lead management campaign. The Client’s sales team also needed additional support to handle leads and prospect profiling. To provide better support to their sales team, the Client solicited the services of third-party providers in implementing a comprehensive program for lead generation, qualification, and appointment setting.

The Client also shared that an increasing number of individuals from various companies across different industries were downloading information from the Client’s website. Still, the Client lacked the technology and expertise in profiling and qualifying their website visitors and sales prospects.

A number of calls had to be made across the Asia Pacific region to confirm the information of the individuals and companies that downloaded content from the Client’s website. Lead qualification was also necessary, as the Client wanted to ensure that they can convert their prospects into warm leads.

Aside from lead verification and qualification, the Client also needed a support team to call and invite prospects and existing customers to various company events held in Asia. 

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