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The Client is a Singapore-based digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and PPC advertising. Its clientele is comprised of small- to medium-sized businesses in the Asia Pacific and North America.

The Challenge

As one of Singapore’s few highly-specialized digital marketing companies, the Client has recently ventured into the influencer marketing space. The Client launched its full-service influencer marketing package to Hong Kong and Singapore in 2017. The new marketing package was met with success in its initial markets. Because of this, the Client planned to roll out the product offering to the rest of the Asia Pacific region for the next few years. It also planned to include North American segments during the roll out.

To speed up the first phase of the planned expansion, the Client decided to strengthen their overall marketing efforts with targeted outbound strategies. The Client, however, already has most of its resources committed to the company’s core digital marketing projects. With this constraint, the Client then decided to seek the services of third-party providers to handle their outbound campaign.

Aside from a good track record and demonstrated expertise in marketing, the Client looked for potential third-party providers that had proven ability to reach their target businesses in Hong Kong and Singapore. After a review of several potential vendors, the Client penned a deal with ContactDB since it scored highly in the Client’s criteria for a third-party provider.

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