Media Company in NZ Hits Target Customer Acquisition Targets with ContactDB

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New Zealand

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Asia Pacific

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Sales and Marketing Manager, Advertising Manager, Branding Manager, CEO, Managing Director, Video Production Manager or Product Manager, Media Manager


The Client provides corporate video production services to numerous companies and organizations in the Asia Pacific region. It specializes in video projects for advertising, corporate communications, event coverage, and motion graphics.

The Challenge

The Client has recently established a strengthened customer acquisition objective that focuses on gaining more customers from mid-sized organizations in the Auckland and Wellington regions. The Client also wanted to grow its market share in the Asia Pacific, where the Client expects a spike in demand for corporate video production services.


To meet its new objectives despite its limited sales resource and human resources, the Client solicited the help of third-party agencies to do most of its top-of-funnel prospecting work. Doing this allowed the Client to focus exclusively on its mid- to bottom-of-funnel strategies.


The Client chose to partner with ContactDB after reviewing proposals from several marketing agencies and finding out that ContactDB meets all of the Client’s requirements in terms of value and experience. ContactDB also had an extensive track record in the Asia Pacific region, which encouraged the Client to pen a deal with the team.

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