B2B Logistics Brand Seals New Deals Through ContactDB Campaign

Qualified Leads
Marketing Qualified Leads


Logistics Services




New South Wales, Australia

Campaign Type

Lead Generation, Appointment Setting

Target Location

Australia and other Asia Pacific Regions

Target Industry

Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail and Distribution

Target Decision makers

For Freight Forwarders: Air/Sea Freight Division Manager For Shippers: Trade Compliance Manager, Shipping Officer, Procurement Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Controller, Import/Export In-Charge


The Client provides specialized logistics solutions to various businesses across different industries in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Their primary line of service includes managed freight, logistics, shipping, and storage.

The Challenge

The Client has established itself as a leading logistics provider in the market in the past few decades. Due to trends in market demands, the Client has recently amplified its “last mile” delivery services. The Client rolled out a series of specialized logistics services rolled out in the past three years, which helped traditional retailers and e-commerce companies to streamline their home delivery operations.

The Client put together a multi channel marketing plan to support its new home delivery venture. This marketing plan combined both digital and outbound strategies in securing prospects. During planning, the Client also decided to divide the marketing activities between its internal sales team and a third-party service provider. The outsourced provider would handle most of the early-stage prospecting and lead generation operations, while the company’s internal sales team took care of additional activities to convert prospects.

After reviewing several potential third-party service providers, the Client chose to partner with ContactDB due to its extensive track record in executing marketing campaigns for other B2B logistics companies.

The Client tasked ContactDB to look for manufacturing, wholesale, retail and distribution businesses that are fit for their services. They were also assigned to contact key persons in charge of logistics and home delivery operations. Prospect profiling and scheduled appointments with the Client’s internal sales team were also part of the contract.

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