B2B Logistics group maximize their reach and continue to grow with ContactDB

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Logistics Services




NSW, Australia

Campaign Type

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Target Location

Australia and other Asia Pacific Regions

Target Industry

All Industries

Target Decision makers

Logistics Coordinator, Procurement Manager, Operations Manager, Shipping Manager, Home Delivery Operations Manager, C-level, President


The Client is part of the world’s largest logistics and distribution service company. They reach over 170 countries and worked with companies across all types of industries. Their services include shipping, warehousing, distribution, transportation, freight forwarding, and freight management.

The Challenge

As an effort to maintain the Company’s position as one of the leading logistics company in the world, the Client partnered with ContactDB to reach more businesses and continue its growth. The bulk of its lead generation initiatives were done in-house for 5 years but their team’s productivity has been deteriorating. The Client also wanted a more proactive approach to lead generation compared to their usual approach of only catering inbound clients from their bi-local and division campaigns. 

The Client wanted to enforce an outbound lead generation program that would still complement the client’s existing marketing campaigns. Under its existing strategy, the Client averaged 5 to 7 appointments each month. The Client also wanted to develop a new lead source and increase the flow of qualified prospects as their business continues to grow.

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