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United States

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United States

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Education and Health, Finance, IT, Public Administration, Professional and Business Services, Transportation, Management Consultancy

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HR Managers Marketing Managers Recruitment Managers Operations Managers Personnel Supervisors


The Client is a renowned provider of innovative human resource solutions. They help companies achieve their business goals by simplifying their search for talent. They also help job seekers find the right job by assisting them to research companies and careers.

The Challenge

For the past ten years of its operations, the Client has established its expertise and reputation in its industry. However, due to the recent rise of rivaling companies, the Client faced aggressive competition with other establishments that provide similar staffing services. The Client’s target prospects suddenly had more options for companies that can address their needs for staffing. As a result, prospects took a longer time to decide on the best provider.

The Client decided to try out new marketing tactics that can help them convert prospects faster. A lead generation program was created to meet the Client’s goals of securing new qualified leads in 6 months.

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