ContactDB Success Pushes Leading Global Facilities Management Company to Adopt Telemarketing

Prospects per month
Qualified Sales Leads


Commercial Cleaning Services




Saginaw, Michigan Chicago, Illinois

Campaign Type

Lead generation, Telemarketing

Target Location


Target Industry

All large companies, Auto dealerships, Gyms, Cinemas, Apartments, Hotels, Bowling alleys, Warehouse, Laboratories

Target Decision makers

Branch managers, C-level executives


The Client specializes in integrated facilities management services including mechanical, hydraulic, and particularly janitorial services. Based in Australia, the privately-owned facilities management company has since expanded operations into six countries: The United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, India, and China. Their services have maintained and improved over 300 million square feet of municipalities, schools, stadiums, offices, and various industrial and non-industrial activities.

The Challenge

Prior to their partnership with ContactDB, the Client relied on marketing efforts such as email campaigns to attract new companies in their target market to avail of their array of services. Their small-scale campaigns have helped them greatly in building an impressive portfolio of services and clients. However, as they continue to expand into new markets and try to grow their customer base, the Client realized that their usual techniques do not work as effectively as they had expected. These techniques have resulted in the Client falling short of their target number of sales leads needed to meet their production targets. 

The Client knew they had to change strategies. Once the opportunity to assess other marketing strategies presented itself, the Client deliberated possible strategies and discovered the potential of telemarketing. To overcome their lack of the right toolset to conduct a successful telemarketing campaign, the Client decided to outsource this service and partnered up with ContactDB.

Before starting the campaign, the Client stated their objectives:

  • Identify potential customers within its target market
  • Conduct a targeted telemarketing campaign to generate leads for its in-house sales team

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