High-Growth SaaS Startup Surges in the Field after ContactDB Campaign

89% to 91%

delivery rate


open rates


reply rates


Software, Logistics





Campaign Type

Appointment Setting

Target Location


Target Industry

Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Transporters, Delivery Services, Courier Services, Movers/Moving Services, Field Services

Target Decision makers

Procurement Managers, Operations Managers, C-level Executives, Logistics Supervisors


The Client, a Singapore-based company, offers subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to develop transportation operations management platforms for use by small to medium enterprises (SMEs) throughout Southeast Asia. Subscribing companies are enrolled in the Client’s cloud service where they receive support in collaborative planning, route optimization, driver dispatch, and e-signing capabilities for fleet owners.

The Challenge

The Client’s cloud-based logistics operations platform offers vital support to SMEs for efficient management of their fleet of land transport vehicles, resolving the many challenges to logistics processes through automation. The platform handles tasks such as handling job orders, tracking vehicles, allocating routes, planning schedules, and dispatching drivers.

Since its founding in 2012, the Client has benefited from strong growth, its annual revenues increasing 350% per year. According to the Client, their services have become the most in-demand in their industry, where around 100 organizations across Southeast Asia subscribe to their platform for processing nearly 1 million delivery and pickup tasks. Some of these 100 organizations are also Fortune 500 brands.

As part of its rapid expansion, the Client has entered the Singaporean market as well as gathered additional subscribers in different locations across Southeast Asia. To fulfill its growth outlook for the medium-term, the Client has also planned to increase its market share in Singapore and Malaysia before shifting attention to Indonesia and other regional markets.

However, the Client only employs less than 50 people, with most of them performing engineering tasks. They sorely needed an external agency with expertise and knowledge in diverse business areas to help them reach their goals and sustain its revenue growth. Specifically, the Client looked for external vendors who would conduct time-consuming activities such as researching potential customers and contacting them individually for sales appointments. The Client could not allocate enough time for their internal team to do these tasks.

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