NY Janitorial Firm Mops Up New Cleaning Contracts with ContactDB Campaign

Qualified Leads
Completed Leads
Total Net New Prospects


Commercial Cleaning


Bohemia, New York


Bohemia, New York

Campaign Type

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Target Location

Nassau County and Suffolk County (Long Island, New York)

Target Industry

All Industries, except: Auto dealerships Gyms Cinemas Apartments Hotels Bowling alleys

Target Decision makers

General Managers, Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers, Office Facility Managers Purchasing Managers, Owners School Directors


The Client is a family-owned commercial cleaning company based in Bohemia, New York, and provides cleaning services to businesses operating in the Long Island, NY area. Part of their services include janitorial services, building maintenance support, and sales of sanitary supplies. The Client also specializes in commercial services, medical healthcare, educational and industrial services, and retail properties.

The Challenge

The Client is unable to launch comprehensive in-house outbound prospecting activities owing to its limited manpower and resources. Their limitations prompted the Client to engage with ContactDB for a partnership in early 2015. This marketing partnership resulted in a 31-month campaign, during which ContactDB served as a close extension of the Client’s internal sales team, and reliably and steadily provided appointments and leads to the Client’s representatives and marketing staff.

In its prior marketing communications and sales collaterals, the Client had designed and applied a three-pronged messaging agenda, which required the following:

  • Be precisely tailored to the Client’s target audience
  • Be clearly mapped to the right stage in the company’s sales cycle
  • Tie benefits and pain points back to specific business outcomes

The Client had made it clear to the ContactDB team that they wished for these requirements to be met faithfully. ContactDB had already shown the ability to follow client requirements in the past, through their flexible service proposals as well as their proven expertise and skill in deploying successful marketing campaigns for firms in the Client’s industry.

The Client had also informed ContactDB that they expect their partnership to yield, per month, at least 17 qualified appointments from the campaign.

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