Two-Year Campaign Generates New Cleaning Contracts for Janitorial Firm

Qualified Appointments
Completed Leads
New Prospects


Commercial Cleaning


New York, United States


New York, United States

Campaign Type

Appointment Setting, Lead Generation

Target Location

East Coast, United States

Target Industry

All large companies, except dealerships, gyms, cinemas, hotel, apartments, and bowling alleys

Target Decision makers

Facility Manager, Operations Manager, Purchasing Manager, Owner, School Director


The Client is a commercial cleaning company that serves business on the East Coast of the United States. The company offers janitorial services, building maintenance solutions, and sanitary supplies. They specialize in commercial, medical healthcare, educational, industrial, and retail properties.

The Challenge

The Client has had limited human resources and capital to initiate outbound prospecting activities on its own, which is why they hired ContactDB for their marketing needs. For two years, ContactDB served as a close extension of the company’s sales team by consistently providing them with appointments and leads.

Before working with ContactDB, the Client followed a 3-point messaging approach in all its marketing communications and sales collaterals. They required all marketing materials to be tailored for the Client’s target audience, mapped out in the company’s sales cycle, and tied specific business outcomes with benefits and pain points. The Client wanted ContactDB to implement the same standards.

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