Vibration and Shock Testing Leader Manages Stiff Competition Through ContactDB

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Data Profiling, Appointment Setting

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Asia Pacific

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Purchasing or Procurement Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Controller, Compliance Manager


The Client is a global leader in the vibration and shock testing industry, providing comprehensive physical testing and virtual simulations services to transport manufacturers worldwide.

The Challenge

In the past 50 years, the Client has been known as a global leader in the shock testing industry. Over the past few years, however, the Client’s competition has grown. They have steadily acquired portions of the Client’s share of the market. To keep up and get ahead of the competition, the Client studied the strategies of its competitors and crafted strategic steps to address their concerns.

The Client planned to initiate a market survey to profile accurate contact information of target prospects who can be best targeted for their offer letters. They also planned to introduce and promote specific products, such as Conditioning Monitoring Systems, Test and Measurement, and Engineering Services. 

The Client did not want to expand internal efforts for the market study, so they planned to have the project outsourced. The project, however, was the first that the company would undertake with a lead generation provider. Hence, they were skeptical about which company would be right for their study. After extensive research on several lead generation companies’ track records, the Client penned a deal with ContactDB to lead their market survey and marketing efforts.

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