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The Client is a US-based company that mainly provides telephone voice and data communications services. They develop IP communications and telephone systems software.

The Challenge

The Client has encountered persistent challenges in finding companies interested in their services, despite having solicited the lead generation services of various other third-party providers.

The Client’s previous marketing partners failed to deliver consistent campaign results, which made it hard for the Client’s sales representatives to meet their numbers. The quality of leads and appointments generated by other third-party providers were also subpar. Many of the prospects who reached the Client’s sales team were still not in the market for the company’s offering.

The Client also shared that their previous providers also failed to capture and communicate the Client’s unique value propositions. They were also unable to identify key product benefits that could have been useful for the Client’s target market.

With these inadequate campaign results and with the lessons learned from these earlier campaigns, the Client looked for a dependable marketing agency that is able to provide them with the tools and strategies necessary to book sales meetings with interested and qualified prospects.

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