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One of the Largest B2B List Providers

The ContactDB Advantage

Why ContactDB?

  • We provide mailing, telemarketing, and business email list that brings you in front of your targeted prospects like CEOs and business owners, IT professionals, and Financial executives.
  • We give business intelligence to guide you on how to best optimize a leads database.
  • We offer solutions at the minimum costs that generate a high rate of ROI.

We are one of the largest providers of global business data.

What puts us on top of the competition? How do we work? Why choosing us can be one of your best decisions?

Stop chasing poor sales lead databases. Quit wasting time with incorrect data and don't lose business opportunities all because of an outdated, incorrect mailing list. Here at ContactDB, we are raising the bar for providing the best business contact database. We help companies in different industries get clean, updated leads list, pay less for it, and bring in new clients for more sales and increased profitability. Whether your purpose is to find additional contacts or to update the information you already have, our contact database provides you with the freshest and most accurate data to get you to your goal. We're passionate about searching and organizing complete business information.

The ContactDB advantage: Global Repository of Targeted and Updated Sales Lists.

We are housing the largest storage of global business data. This includes a business mailing list with over 20 million entries in US & Canada. We also have business mailing list of 1.4 million entries in Asia and Australia and another 850,000 in Europe. In China, we have an additional 330,000 entries. This information can be categorized according to the sector (SIC codes), profession, executive title, business size and location just to suit your preferences and criteria. Our highly customized database is compiled, analyzed and organized daily by our team of business database managers. 

Be assured that our business data is not swamped with general email addresses, such as a website or company email addresses. We only provide direct email addresses of key contact persons, allowing you to communicate directly with the decision-makers.

Dedicated staff.

We are not just satisfied with supplying our clients with multi-million business contacts. Our main goal is not just centered on quantity, but most importantly, on quality. We do not sell any data bank unless we are confident in its content. That is why we have a database call center manned by 300 in-house data specialists and phone verifiers. This manpower does manual research to keep track of the changes of every business on the lists. Each agent makes at least 160 phone calls per day, adding up to nearly 1 million calls per month just to give you the freshest data.

Our Data Integrity Guarantee.

With the efforts we exert to build a database that’s close to perfection, we stand behind our data with a Data Integrity Guarantee. We will not tolerate a single error in our lists. If you receive any from us, we will replace those outdated records for free. That is how we build our reputation.

Our Sales Leads Database Guarantee.

Our quest for accuracy of information will help you and your prospects, build information-based interaction. This will give your customers a higher degree of confidence in doing business with you. We have also made our database applicable to different business channels. With our state-of-the-art database technology, you can check your spending, client response, and return on investment. You can even track your target clients' previous purchases, sources of response, and so on.

Although the outcome of marketing campaigns depends largely on you, buying sales contact lists from us is a great start. If you want a business partner that understands your needs and has the know-how in contact list building, get in touch with us so we can offer our solutions.



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