Data Integrity Guarantee

ContactDB stands behind the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of the marketing data we provide and use. We have the people and the processes to deliver this assurance with every data product or solution we offer.

ContactDB maintains one of the most extensive and most accurate B2B prospect databases available. As of last count, there are over 60 million records in our data repository. To make sure every database entry meets ContactDB’s data quality standards:

300 call agents and 500 data specialists update our database every day.


6 million emails are sent each month to check for bounced addresses and deliverability.


2 million live phone calls are made each month for verifying and updating prospect data.


Each Record has undergone manual validation before being included in the database.


Data products (custom, pre-packaged, or current lists) are thoroughly rechecked prior to delivery.

ContactDB provides the Data Integrity Guarantee (DIG) to any customized list delivered to our client, whereby the client may return a list containing invalid entries to ContactDB within 30 days after date of delivery for a 1 is to 1 replacement of all defective list entries free of charge.

The client understands and agrees that the Data Integrity Guarantee (DIG) is valid and given to customized lists only and is NOT applicable to pre-packaged lists.

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