Our services work across different industries from Human Resources- staffing, management, and consulting, to Information Technology and Software related industries. We’re proven experts in industry-specific lead generation to make sure we reach out to the right prospects for you.

Information Technology and Software Products

We have worked and keep close contact with the biggest IT companies that would fit as your lead. With the tools that we have and industry appropriate sales team, you can expand your business and spread your technological innovations to the world in no time. 


Keep bees buzzin as we create more relationships in the Telecommunications company. Generate more opportunities and telecom leads for your business. We make sure that your campaign is equipped with the right tools and materials needed to find, reach and convert leads into actual customers.

Medical and Healthcare

Feeling like the pipeline is getting a little weak? All you need is a dose of ContactDB. We reach out to the best-fit medical and healthcare leads to educate them with our clients purpose and set appointments with qualified targets.

Marketing and Advertising

If we can market our service well, you know how we can work with yours too. We cater full service marketing agencies for both their online and offline campaigns. We walk the talk with our network from different agencies, we help you build your brand and exceed those goals

Business Products and Services

With all the changes and fast-paced landscape of the Business Products and Services industry, we have to act fast. ContactDB is here to work as your business partner to help you get through with the challenges successfully further increasing your growth with our wide database and proven Lead Generation expertise.

Financial Services

We value your data. We value your numbers. Mastering in Inbound Marketing for our every reach we give value to our clients and its market. We help you translate those leads to real numbers that would add up to your best statistics.

Human Resource, Management, and Consulting

Staff HR resources, your schedule will be busy with appointments that turn into clients. With this level of organizational insight for targeting HR decision maker groups, we ensure that you and your sales team engage HR leads and prospects that convert.

Manufacturing and Distribution

The industry has grown more challenging and it’s not wise to solely rely on your old marketing and sales initiatives anymore. Stay proactive, keep those clients and earn some more with the help of ContactDB. Expand your reach, optimize your sales, and increase those sales even in a very challenging environment.

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