LeadsSproutCRM is ContactDB’s very own integrated cloud-based CRM tool for campaign administration and lead management. This is the key that holds everything together in your marketing campaigns at ContactDB. As such, LeadsSproutCRM is a vital component in all of our demand generation and appointment setting packages.

LeadsSproutCRM serves as the hub where actionable insights about your prospects and your campaign are easily within reach. From planning to execution, keeping track of your campaign’s progress is simple with quick dashboard analytics and detailed custom reports. This tool also streamlines the process of Managing and nurturing your leads with a number of multi-channel, multi-touch prospect engagement features.

Contact Management

Build, access, and organize your campaign’s contact list.

Opportunity Management

Design, execute, and monitor strategies for proactively capturing marketing opportunities.

Lead Scoring

Know which prospects to prioritize using solution fit and behavior-based measures.

Marketing Automation

Define and tweak the settings for automating certain aspects of your ContactDB campaign.

Multi-channel Optimization

Make every marketing channel in your ContactDB campaign run at peak performance.

Dashboard & Reports

Get real-time updates on your campaign with quick analytics and detailed summaries/reports.

Mobile Integration

Stay informed and on schedule with mobile alerts (available for appointment setting).

Performance Management

Identify which aspects of your campaign are doing well and which ones need improvement.

Collaboration & Support

Coordinate with your ContactDB team in real-time and adapt to opportunities more quickly.

Syncing & Sharing

Synchronize databases, calendars, and activities across teams and platforms.

Customization & Personalization

Tailor the interface, messaging, and actions to suit your unique objectives.

Compatibility Features

Integrate your campaign with other marketing projects, workflows, and databases.

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